Friday, January 25, 2008

Kucinich Drops Out of the Race, But....

Kucinich has announced that he is dropping out of the Race for the Democratic nomination for President. Although he was never a serious candidate, actually winning the White House was probably not his true goal. His goal was to try to keep the other candidates honest...or at least to the extent that he could. And in that mission, he did well. Once he saw how the media and certain candidates used the courts to block his participation, he may have felt that his mission was probably done.... at least in terms of being a candidate. Hopefully he will continue to highlight the lies of candidates in both Parties.

How would Kucinich have done in that Nevada debate? What would he have said? Since Kucinich was blocked from the debate, Amy Goodman from Democracy Now gave him an opportunity to take part in the debate anyway, and allowed him to say what he might have said if he had the chance.

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