Friday, January 18, 2008

More On the Clinton Dirty Tricks In Nevada

A Local Reporter caught up with Bill Clinton and asked him about the lawsuit against the Casino workers.

Slick Willy had the nerve the claim that the rules were "rigged" (in favor of Obama). But it was the Democratic Party that decided on the rules way back in March of 2007. The Clintons didn't have a problem with the rules until the last minute, after Obama was endorsed by the Culinary workers.

Now Clinton claims that the rules are unfair and that they didn't "uncover it" until now. NONSENSE!!!

I have never seen anything like this in my life. This is reminiscent of the dirty tricks that the Republicans often play. In fact, Hillary has seemed more like the Republican candidate, often using Republican talking points against opponents within the Democratic Party.

And this is the person who Democrats want to send to the White House? It's a joke!

Watch the video (video may drag & skip...but the audio works just fine)

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michael said...

I live in Las Vegas, and the Clinton lawsuit (as it will forever be known) is a disaster for all Democrats. No one wants to vote for people who don't WANT them to vote.

The lawsuit has practically ensured that Nevada (which has taken great strides towards becoming a Blue state since W took office) will remain Red through '08.