Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday to Malia Ann Obama!

Today is Malia Ann Obama's 15th Birthday!

She's a true American Beauty.

election win22

President Obama Welcomes Children To A Christmas In Washington Event

Sasha & Malia 1

Malia Obama

Sasha & Malia 11

2009 Armed Forces Inaugural Committee

Obama Family Portrait


Sasha & Malia 34

Malia Obama, Sasha Obama

Sasha & Malia 59

CT wom_obama039.JPG

Sasha & Malia 63

Malia Obama 3

Malia Obama 2

U.S. Presidential candidate Obama shares a moment with his daughters during a picnic in Fort Wayne

U.S. President Obama and his daughter Malia exit Air Force One upon arrival in Santiago

President Obama And Family Arrive Back From Trip To Latin America

President And Mrs. Obama Host Annual Easter Egg Roll

Beautiful Malia

Malia Obama +

Michelle Obama, Malia Obama

Obama Pardons The National Thanksgiving Turkey

First lady Michelle Obama receives the 2011 White House Christmas Tree

Barack Obama,  Malia Obama, Sasha Obama

First Family goes to church3

US President Barack Obama and his daught

US President Barack Obama walks alongsid

US President Barack Obama and daughter M

Christmas Tree2

Malia and Sasha27

Malia and Sasha2

Malia and Sasha4

Malia and Sasha5

Malia and Sasha6

Malia and Sasha7

Malia and Sasha10

Malia and Sasha12

Malia and Sasha22

Malia and Sasha24

Malia and Sasha26

Malia Obama  dances on the reviewing stand

Malia photobomb


Barack Obama


rikyrah said...

Happy Birthday to the First Daughter, Malia Obama.

Brian said...

Love the pictures Rikyrah. Forgot that she was born on the 4th.