Saturday, July 13, 2013

George Zimmerman found Not Guilty. Trayvon Martin=2013 Emmitt Till

Complete with the ALL-WHITE JURY.

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Brian said...

I have to disagree with the comparisons to Emmitt Till and Medgar Evers.... but I do understand the frustration.

I personally don't believe the prosecution was able to prove their case with what they had.

Horrible tragedy (and complex event from a legal standpoint). There have been a ton of misconceptions related to this case regarding law, the law in Florida, self defense, and how the criminal justice system works. Just a general lack of understanding. And the media made it worse by spreading the misconceptions.... whipping this incident up...stirring the racial pot to boost ratings.

I never thought a murder conviction was even a possibility here... but I did believe that the prosecution had a bit of a better chance with the manslaughter count.... The prosecution just didn't have enough to seal the deal. Even on manslaughter.... the chances were 40%-50% in favor of conviction (at best).

I'm just not on the bandwagon with this one... although I do believe that Zimmerman is a slime ball...and an idiot of the highest order.

I look at the facts of each case. Each situation is different....each has different facts/circumstances.