Friday, April 30, 2010

Republicans Live In a Perpetual Fantasy Land

I know you all probably remember the video from a few weeks ago of the Tennessee lawmaker who said that the unemployed should stop being lazy and find a job.... leave em' to starve...society shouldn't help them. People struggling should stop whining. (Basically suggesting that those who are struggling to survive are lazy bums).

Now more video has recently emerged showing another Tennessee lawmaker (what is it about Tennessee and the South?) suggesting that Americans could use vegetables as currency to pay for Health care. Wow! This comes as Harry Reid's Senate challenger, Sue Lowden, stated last week that people could bring chickens to their doctors in exchange for care. This is so far off the crazy scale that it's just hard to conceive.

Here is the video of the latest lunacy.... paying with Veggies.

I love how lawmaker Joe Towns explains reality to Mr. Crazy. (at the end of the Maddow segment).

This is a perfect example of how Republicans live in a parallel universe. They create their own reality, their own rules, etc... and increasingly question real life (as the rest of us see it).

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