Monday, April 12, 2010

New Episodes of the King Politics Podcast

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I have my weekly left-right discussion with Lenny McAllister in a segment we dub Both Sides of The Loop. This week we discuss Chairman Steele, the Tea Party and "shaming our ancestors" and Obama & Israel.

There are also interviews with Mariko Chang. Her research determined that black single women have a total net wealth of just $5. I also talk with Ian Fletcher about free trade, Veronica Anderson about health care. My latest episode is with Steven Williams. We talk about personal debt and this episode will be available by Tuesday, April 13.

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Brian said...

Good discussion on Steele. I don't think he will be forced out before the November elections... primarily because things are looking good for the GOP at the moment. They are projected to pick up a considerable number of seats in the House, and will make headway in the Senate.

A deal breaker for staying could be another big scandal. But barring any unexpected problems... I think Steele will be around for a little while longer. Getting rid of him before November gives the impression to the American public of a Party that is in disarray.... in chaos. That's not the image that the Republican leadership wants to project....especially when they don't have to. After all... they are kicking the behinds of Democrats in the polls.... consistently.

Republican scandals aren't as bad as Dem. scandals... because the Right has a mighty media apparatus. These scandals... unless they are mega scandals... have a tendency to fade for Republicans. What might be a career ender for a Democrat is just a storm for a Republican. Democratic scandals (if they are big enough) get illuminated by the media more intensely...and drag on forever. This is part of the inherent advantage that the Right has with a 24 hour news network and complete dominance of talk/political radio. It allows them to defend their people much more aggressively and effectively...and allows them to go on offense more often. The Dems are always on their heels... even when they are doing something that is right.

I am also not too sure about the study ref. Black women. Saw this a few weeks back...and was skeptical about the numbers and the purpose of the work.