Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Iraq Study Group Likely to Suggest Regional Diplomacy

The Iraq Study Group Is Planning to Suggest Aggressive Regional Diplomacy, Including Talks With Iran and Syria.

Report Here.

Senator John Kerry said, more than 2 years ago, that this was needed. He called for regional summits to include Iran, Syria and all of the relevant political and religious factions. BUT at the time, Kerry was ridiculed by Republicans and by the Conservative news media. Now all of a sudden, this is the right policy. The problem is, it may be too little, too late. (But I am remaining hopeful because of the dismal situation and lack of good alternatives).

It took more than 2 years and a high level "study group" to come to this conclusion? It looks like Kerry was right and was ahead of his time.

The Bush crew wrote off advice from other countries (friend and foe) before the invasion. These nations tried their best to warn the U.S. not to attack...for the very reasons that we are seeing now in Iraq.... NOW all of a sudden, the U.S. is begging for assistance from the very countries that it gave the middle finger to when they tried to provide advice and counsel....

Meanwhile, the Iraq war has now officially lasted longer than World War II.

**Amy Goodman, on her Democracy Now program, reports secret talks between the U.S. and Iraqi insurgent groups. A very interesting perspective is offered on the program. Watch/Listen Here.


Additional Report from NPR

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