Friday, November 17, 2006

Iraq For Sale - The War Profiteers

Watch The Film Below

This is outrageous!!!! (translators who aren't even qualified???? Risking the lives of our people?) As I have been saying... someone needs to go to jail for this thing.

The much anticipated Robert Greenwald documentary- "Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers" is now available.

This is part II of an earlier blog entry on this subject that I made a few months ago.

See the earlier blog entry here. Take the time to check out the video of the Congressional Testimony (if it's still available).

Before watching the film listen to new interview with Robert Greenwald from KMOX radio. Host is Paul Harris.

Interview Here.

Additional Interview with David Mann, a U.S. Soldier who talks about his experience with Private contractors.

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers
A Film By Robert Greenwald

View the Documentary Here.


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Companies such as Halliburton/KBR force workers to operate in unnecessarily unsafe conditions, all for the benefit of the company. They treat workers simply as tools to make more money. Little effort goes into protecting the workers. The workers are seen by Halliburton as replaceable items. Meanwhile, Vice President Cheney's company is making millions off the backs of these workers who risk their lives everyday, forced to go out on unsafe missions.

NPR report on conditions for Civilian drivers in Iraq.

Recent video released of a civilian convoy being ambushed in Iraq.

Here is longer unedited footage of the ambush from Youtube.

Report about Stuart Bowen, the Special Inspector For Iraq Reconstruction. Bowen has been working in Iraq investigating Fraud, mismanagement, waste & abuse by U.S. government Contractors. However, ever since the investigations got a little hot, the Bush administration has tried to pull the plug on Inspector Bowen and his mission, right in the middle of his investigation.

Watch/Listen to a Democracy Now Report on the Special U.S. Inspector on Iraq Contracts and the Republican effort to end the investigations.

See a PBS Frontline Documentary about Private Security Contractors in Iraq and how the war is being privatized. The Documentary is entitled Private Warriors.

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