Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cartoonist Offers an Apology?

I think the cartoonist, Ed Gamble, deserves a Pulitzer Prize nomination. This piece covers several different social ailments within the so-called "Black Community" all in one image.

But the Black establishment (NAACP & all the rest) immediately started to boo hoo about the cartoon, eventually pressuring the cartoonist and his Editorial page editor to apologize. But they should have stood their ground. They had nothing to apologize for. I am sick and tired of the Black elite establishment in this country claiming racism whenever someone challenges the so-called "Black Community" about its problems and points out painful truths.

I was going to write a long commentary about this latest bit of nonsense from the "Black establishment", but blogger and author Angela Winters did a wonderful job with her commentary.... taking the words right out of my mouth. She has the background information on this story.

Article from Eurweb


brotherpeacemaker said...

I truly love this cartoon! It really does an excellent job of summing up a number of issues in the black community in well fell swoop. I'm sorry there was pressure put on the cartoonist to apologize. The truth really hurts sometimes.


rikyrah said...

Like you, when I saw this on Angela Winters' site, I was like


This should be sent all across the country.



The cartoon is ON SPOT.

The NAACP needs to STFU.

The truth HURT.

This was from Florida, right? Same state as the Dunbar Village heinousness. Where is the NAACP on the Dunbar Village savagery?

THAT is what they need to be talking about. What they're doing for that family.

Instead of trying to 'scold' this brave cartoonist.


Name ONE THING in that cartoon that doesn't have basis in Modern Black Reality.

Bronzetrinity said...

I think the cartoon is dead on too. We have to protect our kids from the crime/gangsta culture and give them more role models than rappers. The people who are becoming the richest off this culture are the fat cat executes of Viacom and Time Warner and not the Black performers. The performers have been so brainwashed that they actually defend their craptastic art. Children need adults to step up and explain values and throw this gangsta crap to the curb.