Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I Despise Modern Black Rap Culture!

More ignorance & stupidity from the vile world of Commercial Rap culture

A Hip Hop Thug DJ in New York threatens to rape young child on his rap radio show.

These kinds of people should never have access to our radio airwaves. But this just gives the rest of America a taste of the poison that is being peddled to our youth from these big corporate radio companies like Clear Channel. This stuff is pumped into our children daily. The only difference is that this time it made national news.

This comes not too long after the nonsense with another new York radio station (Hot 97) where the rap/thug DJ’s made fun of the victims of the 2004 Tsunami- One of the worst Natural Disasters in the history of mankind.

These thugs make me sick. If I were President or Atty General I would order the immediate arrest of all of these thugs across the country under RICO and Anti Terrorism laws. All of their radio stations should be raided (no-knock style) and taken off the air immediately. And the stations should be dissolved. The licenses for the companies should be revoked and the CEO’s and station managers should be banned from broadcasting with any new station.

This group of scum should be run off the air in every major city in the country. Problem is… the "Black community" is almost devoid of any real men to do the job. I look back at the days of the Panthers with envy. And white folks don’t give a damn. This self destruction that these radio stations are involved in within the Black Community is just fine with them, so they have no incentive to stop it. Any kind of action against these stations will have to come from Black folks… and I just don’t see it happening. Remember, these are the same people who protested in favor of R-Kelly…and there was no real uproar among blacks after the Hot 97 incident.

Like I have said many times…young Black Americans are poisoned by this destructive culture. They are like zombies walking around. Let’s see if they come out and protest against this sickness in their own community. I’m definitely not going to hold my breath waiting for Black folks to do that… or any other major protest for that matter. They are much too busy predisposed with their lives of consumerism and materialism….and their empty culture.

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Music Commentator and webmaster Davey D talks about the State of urban radio in a speech given last year in my hometown of St. Louis Missouri. The focus of his remarks are "The Clear Channeling Of America". Clear Channel just happens to be the corporation that owns the radio station mentioned in the above reports. They also own a significant number of these kinds of stations across the country. Just last year, one of Clear channels St. Louis Thug DJ's was fired for talking about different ways to kill police officers. This seems to be a not so uncommon theme with these communications companies and the radio stations that they own.

Watch/Listen to Davey D's remarks.... from Amy Goodman's Democracy Now program.

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Initially rap music took-off on a positive note, giving the black youths a medium to be heard and express themselves.At some point there was a twist where the platform was used to promote violence among themselves. Till date TUPAC remains a legend in the rap world producing hit tracks like CHANGES, DEAR MAMA, WONDER WHY THEY CALL U BITCH, TILL THE END OF TIME, AN SO MANY MORE. He more than sang/rapped, he thought and philosophized. Though there are a few others still rapping and in his class, the rest out there are a complete trash and a disgrace to the upliftment of humanity. Rapping about sex, rape, violence, hate etc., to me they have missed the mark and are firing persistently in the wrong direction. America remains the land of opportunity. Several africans would do anything to get an American visa, so as to benefit from the American dream and live out their true purpose because their respective countries cannot afford them that. Suprising enough the black Americans cannot avail themselves of the opportunities that abound in America rather they are wasting good time and energy in the degenerate Hip Hop culture.
It is often said that when a man forgets where he is coming from he will definitely miss his destination.
God Help Us.