Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Video Game By Evangelicals?

New Video Game By Evangelicals?

This is some really sick stuff. New video game supported by evangelicals, promotes violence in the name of religion.

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Vintage said...

What's interesting is that this videogame, if put out into the public market, would most likely be labelled "devoutly religious" or "extremist" or maybe even "dangerously right-wing, conservative" but what this videogame advocates would surely not be labelled what it really is.... "terrorism". For terrorism is only attributed to extremists who fight for the Western world's interpretation of Jihad. Afterall, those who misconstrue Allah's teachings and kill in his name are terrorists but those who misconstrue God's word and kill in HIS name are right-wing, coservative, highly devout christians... right Mr. President?

The United States is already under a Christian religious Government and we see the implications of this manifesting itself in many different ways.

As for this videogame... it's truly disturbing yet not at all surprising.