Saturday, March 01, 2014

Huge Mess In Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has exploded into a huge crisis. I have written here many times on the subject.... and have pointed out that Ukraine was one of the most dangerous flashpoints on earth. Now everyone is seeing why.

The U.S. & Europe are largely to blame. Meddling and engaging in a Cold War tug of war with Russia (something not in our interests) has basically created this situation. Years of bad foreign policy from the Clinton administration, through the Bush era, and now with Obama, has now led to this. Most Americans, including diplomats & Obama advisers, don't understand Ukraine... so bad policy on Russia and Ukraine was the natural result. This has the potential of being another Berlin or Cuba. Hopefully that can be avoided with diplomatic efforts.

Wider U.S. policy on Russia over the past 20+ years, particularly under Clinton, created the conditions in Russia that allowed a cowboy like Putin to come to power. The people of Russia once supported the U.S., especially in the 1980's... to around 1991. But years of antagonizing Russia, ignoring Russia...and pushing Russian interests aside...basically disrespecting Russia... the U.S. turned into an enemy once again. The U.S. missed an opportunity in the 1990's to bring Russia into the Western sphere (if you can call it that)...and into the normal community of nations... aligned more closely with traditional Europe. Clinton is largely to blame. I will never understand why Americans want to see another Clinton. The USA can't afford another Clinton. We are indeed still paying the price for Bill Clinton's policies.

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E-mail/call your member of Congress and let them know that you want the U.S. & Europe to keep out of Ukraine...with the exception of negotiation/mediation.

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