Saturday, September 14, 2013

About that Putin Op-Ed in the New York Times

I haven’t really commented on the NYTimes publishing the Op-Ed, because to be honest, I was just absorbing it.

Since January 20, 2009, I thought that I had seen all the ways that this President could be disrespected, but time after time, I have been proven wrong.

If anyone would tell me that any major newspaper, would publish an Op-Ed from the former head of the KBG who goes around the world murdering his opponents in plain sight, and allow him to lecture the United States, ABOUT ANYTHING, I just would have never believed it.

White folks are something.

They have lost their fucking minds.

Since the moment Barack Obama was elected President, they have lost their fucking minds.

They can’t stand it – neither the left or the right.

That this smart as hell, brilliant man and politician is President of the United States.

He has given them NOTHING by which they can tear him down.

Not that they haven’t tried.

He is the most polled about President in the history of the Presidency.

I have commented for years that it’s a miracle that the President has any approval ratings at all, considering that the coverage of his Presidency has been proven to be 90% negative. When that study came out, it was a lightbulb moment for me that has never left.

AIN’T NO WAY that anyone’s coverage could be 90% NEGATIVE----- unless it WAS ON PURPOSE.

And, despite their asses, this President was re-elected, as he and his team WENT AROUND THEM.

They don’t realize that their denigration of THE PRESIDENCY doesn’t end with Barack Obama.

If the next President is White, you just don’t get to put that genie back in the bottle.

And they still don’t get it…every non-White person who isn’t a sellout is observing this…

They continue to believe that we lived on Mars during the previous 43 White Presidents, and that they are just ‘ that slick’ that the shyt they do goes over our heads.

Now, you can call me a tinfoil hat wearer if you want to, but here it is:

They’ve been mad ever since the President stepped up to the microphone and said,

” You know what…let’s get the Congress to VOTE on Syria.”

From that moment, President Barack Obama fucked their shyt up.

He fucked up their plans that they had for ‘ war coverage’.

He fucked up their plans to say Syria=Iraq every hour upon the hour.

He fucked up their plans that they had to go along with the Republicans when they were going to attempt to impeach this President if he had gone into Syria. They would have played the ‘ but there must be something’ card bullshyt just like they did when they didn’t call out the birthers for what they were- fucking racists.

Then comes the ‘ well, maybe we will give up control of our chemical weapons stash’ without one American missile being launched, and their mouths are hanging open…they can’t stand it.

No….President Barack Obama upended all that, and keeps on walking, and they don’t know what to do.

So, in the throes of Obama Derangement Syndrome, they pimp Assad, and Vladimir Putin.

THAT is how desperate they are.

So, like others, I sit and observe the disrespect being shown this President. ….and like others, I’m taking names and my memory will be long.

They think somebody is playing with them.

NOBODY is playing with them…and those that aren’t right, don’t be surprised when you get knocked upside the head by that reality.

Tinfoil hat out.

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