Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In the Case of Obama, Impeachment Is Not Such A Dirty Word Anymore

Growing very tired of Barack Obama. Can we trade this guy? I would even support the idea of impeaching this jackass. Dragging this country into a dangerous, intractable war (even risking it) is reckless. Doing so against the advice of the chief Generals is even more outrageous. He needs to go back to Chicago so that he can finish ruining that. Then he could listen to his rap music til his hearts content. We have seen how much damage a hip hop mayor can do. We don't need a hip hop President. I have absolutely no respect for this clown. He has disappointed a few times too many. He came dressed in sheep's clothing and had a nice speech, but over the past 5 years he has shown himself to be a continuation of politicians who came before. He's just another jackass in a suit with little integrity.

According to one recent survey, only 9% of Americans support U.S. military intervention in Syria. NINE PERCENT. Folks, let me tell you... I have been around for a little while... have followed war and politics for a good 20 years... and I can tell you, this is rare in the last few decades. Americans are typically infatuated by war... they love it. War is the national fetish. The country is addicted to it. You might see opposition get to 40%, 50%, 60%...and on rare occasions...70%. But a poll showing only 9% support for war in a country that usually can't get enough...is very rare. If Obama ignores that... and in addition to that (as mentioned before) goes against the advice of Generals who want no parts of the war in Syria... then Obama is unfit to be President. I would support any effort to impeach this man. (Republicans have been calling for impeachment for years...now they finally have a legitimate reason).

I wish I had a Party to vote for. The closest thing that matches my viewpoint is the Green Party (Jill Stein)....but of course that isn't much of a viable choice. Their core beliefs are basically America first... fix Americas problems...fix infrastructure, healthcare, education, energy policy, the economy, deal with debt, pass the dream act/fix immigration, come up with a plan for student loan relief, and spend more time improving life for Americans at home...and leaving other countries alone.

It's ironic that America is celebrating the march on Washington and Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech, while a Black President, benefiting from the sweat and blood of King, may be deciding to launch another war. Ironic because Dr. King's anti-war activism was just as important to him as his work in civil rights and economic justice. But the media and certain politicians like to conveniently forget that part of his history. I can't forget it. It's one of the aspects of King that I admire most. He wasn't assassinated until he started to speak out strongly against U.S. war policy. Obama and the mainstream Democrats are just a slightly milder version of the Republican Party....but their bull---- is all the same.

Luckily I didn't vote for him in 2012. Wrote Jill Stein's name down in protest.

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