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100 percent of Urban Prep seniors college-bound for 4th year in row

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100 percent of Urban Prep seniors college-bound for 4th year in row

by Sharon Wright and BJ Lutz, NBC Chicago | April 1, 2013 at 8:48 AM

Urban Prep Academy is continuing its record of success.

For the last three years, all graduation seniors from the charter school’s Englewood campus have been college bound. This year, the inaugural graduating class of the West Campus has accomplished the same goal.

In all, 167 seniors, all African American males, have been accepted to a four-year college or university.

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“What this 100 percent proves beyond a doubt is that it need not be the exception but it should be the expectation for every child in the city of Chicago,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said at a ceremony where the final students exchanged their red uniform neckties with the red-and-gold striped ones that signify their college-bound status.

Urban Prep founder Tim King said he was exceedingly proud of the young men.

“It’s really heartwarming. It’s really an inspiration,” said Tim King. “These guys are an inspiration to all of us because they show you what can happen when you really work hard and do the right thing. I feel great. There are no words to describe how powerful and wonderful it is to be a part of Urban Prep.”

Urban Prep also announced a $150,000 donation from Citi Foundation to support the academy’s Alumni Affairs Program, which supports roughly 300 graduates enrolled in college.

“To me, it’s a place that wants to see more young black men grow and mature into men and be successful in life,” senior Malik Battle said of Urban Prep.

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Brian said...

Incredible that they did this 4 years in a row. Shows everyone that given the right structure, the right environment, support... it can be done. But in order for this to work, you also need students who want to succeed... and it is clear that these students work hard.

Wish there was a way to replicate this in other schools... but you can only do so much. Getting students to want it for themselves is probably the hardest part. Unfortunately students in schools like urban prep are still swimming upstream... because they have to fight against a culture that encourages negative behavior. The messages are around them 24/7. Which just makes their accomplishment even more impressive.

The Harlem Children's Zone is another example of what works... So now we have at least two solid models of successful programs for educators across the Country. Shows that urban students can do what any other group of students can.