Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Violent Crime in Chicago Is Out of Control - Ban Guns?

22 Murders in less than 2 weeks of 2013. Would a gun ban stop the carnage? Nope.

In a city and State that already has some of the strictest gun regulations in the country, having a ban (which it had at one time) would do nothing to stop this madness. The point here is to show that the bad guys are always going to have their guns, no matter how restrictive gun laws are. The same is true for Newark and Camden New Jersey... gun bans and all sorts of restrictions have not worked. Criminals will be criminals. They don't follow laws. That's why they are criminals. Ultimately, bans and restrictions only hurt, restrict, criminalize & stigmatize law abiding gun owners. New York City is giving the public smoke and mirrors when it puts out its crime stats. Yes there has been a reduction in gun crime... but that has more to do with community policing efforts, and the fact that the city's population is so large that it makes the various crime ratings (which are based on population) appear very low.

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