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Herman Cain: Nothing but a Modern Day Minstrel, and a Crooked One at That.

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When I saw the video of Herman Cain-SINGING- at the National Press Club, I had a visceral reaction. I wracked my brain trying to come up with the exact word to name what I was feeling when I watched Cain BREAK INTO SONG. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I woke up and realized what he reminded me of:



I've said from the beginning that Herman Cain was never a serious candidate. I knew he wasn't a serious candidate when, on Fox, one of the anchors tried to lob him what they THOUGHT was going to be a softball question: about the 'right of return' question for Palestinians.

Cain's answer?

I don't know about that issue.


You're saying that you're running for the Presidency of the United States, and you don't have an opinion on 'right of return' for Palestinians?

My reaction to that was HELL NO. I know this Black man isn't going to try and go around giving Sarah Palin-esque answers and believes he should be taken seriously.

'Right of Return' is NOT a PhD level question when it comes to the Israel/Palestine issue.

It's an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL level question, and someone who says they are running for PRESIDENT should be able to answer the question. On the spot. They should have already thought about it, and have an answer at the tip of their tongue, because Israel/Palestine is one of the major issues of the Middle East, and the Middle East being one of the major regions for FOREIGN POLICY - one should know it.

But, there he was, saying ' I dunno'.

Asked about the policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what he would do differently than President Obama, there it came again, ' I dunno'.

This week?

In an interview with PBS, Cain appears to suggest that Americans should consider China dangerous in part because they’re pursuing “nuclear capability.” In fact, China tested its first nuclear device in 1964 and has had a stockpile of warheads for decades.

He really was going to do it. He really was going to go onto the political stage with Sarah Palin-esque answers to foreign policy, and other issues.

Then, there was the, ' Secret Service can call me CORNBREAD'.

Then, the 'Ubeki'-beki-beki-stan' shuffling, that had Karzi clowning him with SOS Clinton. But, if you put yourself out there as an ignorant fool, don't be shocked when other folks take you up on it.

I'll remind folks that his Chief of Staff was banned from politics from a time because he was found guilty of VOTER SUPPRESSION AGAINST BLACK FOLK - and THIS is who Cain has as his Chief of Staff.

I will remind folks that he peddled in BIRTHERISM against the President, long after the President released his birth certificate.

Time and time again, all he has done is shuffle and jiggle and put on those tap dancing shoes for Mr. Charlie.

I don't usually agree with the writer Toure, but he was on point in a segment that he did on Lawrence O'Donnell, when he called Cain out for his Minstrelsy. His voice dripped in disgust as he spoke about Cain and his clowning, and how here was President Barack Obama, and Jesse Jackson, when he ran for President, they stepped up to the plate. That they weren't about ENTERTAINING. They were saying, I'm here to LEAD THE COUNTRY, and that's why I'm running. Many of us in the Black blogosphere have commented, since Barack Obama was elected President, in reading certain columns, and watching certain pundits, that they seem to want to be ENTERTAINED by President Obama. My own comment to it always has been: if you want to be entertained by a Black man, by a ticket to a Jay-Z concert - he's more than willing to entertain you. But, Barack Hussein Obama is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. He's not here to entertain you. He's here to lead the country, and I never saw you talk about how you wanted George Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush to ENTERTAIN YOU, so don't try it with President Barack Obama.

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President Barack Obama had upset the apple cart, not only with some on the left, but damn near ALL of the RIGHT. And, we see examples of the contempt that they have for this President, his wife, and his children, on pretty much a daily basis.

Hermain Cain, though, is ' OUR KIND OF BLACK' as Ann Coulter said.

The shufflin', jigglin', tap dancing, singing MINSTREL kind of Black.

And, he's a bought and paid for Koch Brothers stooge.

While the sexual harassment story has been taking up all the air, until one of the Snowflakes surface (you know damn well, Black women in Corporate America don't get settlements; they get fired for bullshyt reasons), the thing that might get CRIMINAL charges filed against Herman is the ILLEGALITY of the funding of his political campaign. Wasn't enough that we found out he used campaign funds to purchase his books (considering that this run for President has been nothing but a book tour, and an audition tape to become the next A-B-C on Fox (watch out, Juan Williams), now, the very FUNDING of his campaign leads to illegal roads. Considering the shredding of campaign finance that has been done by Citizens United, it takes a special kind of contemptuous of the law clown to actually fund their campaign through illegal means.

Rachel Maddow has an excellent piece on this, with the journalist that broke the story.

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Cain is willing to shuffle along and even break out in song for the right-wing, of course they're comfortable with him. They're pushing of this patently unqualified grifter is nothing but GOP Tokenism at its finest. They want their Black stooge, because they want him to give them cover against their obvious racism. They also think that Black folks 'only voted for Barack Obama because he was Black'. Then Senator Barack Obama was the Democratic Nominee for President, and the lowest any Democratic Nominee has gotten of the Black vote in the past 30 years is 85%. John Kerry got, what, 90% of the Black vote? And, if Black folks routinely vote 90-92% for the Democratic Nominee, in order for Barack Obama to get up to 95%, meant that he took away some of the Black REPUBLICAN vote. Now, the only ones who voted for Barack Obama BECAUSE he was Black, were Black Republicans. As Prometheus6 routinely points out, Black folks voted for Barack Obama not because HE is Black, but because WE are Black and voted in what WE perceived to be OUR best interests.

Bonus video: Rev. Al with Melissa Harris-Perry and Jonathan Capehart discussing Herman Cain. Rev. Al cracked me up as he mocked Cain and his 'recovery from amnesia' on the sexual harassment issue.

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