Thursday, August 04, 2011

This is what a GOP Jobs Program Looks Like, aka how the GOP is endangering air travel right now

Rachel Maddow does a piece on the FAA Shutdown, and how this is about UNION RIGHTS. The GOP has thrown thousands of people out of work. This is the GOP Jobs Program - right here, in your face.

And, of course, an FAA Partial Shutdown doesn't effect Airline Safety?


and Delta Airlines and their ANTI-UNION STANCE is in the middle of this

From Washington Monthly:

August 03, 2011 9:20 AM
The costs of the FAA fiasco
By Steve Benen

Just to follow up on yesterday’s item, there was a flurry of activity in the Senate yesterday in the hopes that a partial FAA shutdown could be averted, but in the end, the Republican scheme prevailed. It won’t be resolved until September, at the earliest.

A last-minute Obama administration effort to get the Senate to accept a funding extension that would have returned 4,000 Federal Aviation Administration employees and about 70,000 others to work failed Tuesday as Congress headed home until September

The House Republicans’ stunt will cost the government $1.2 billion. It will also lay off 70,000 construction workers in the middle of the construction season, which isn’t exactly what this economy needs right now.

Americans who fly this summer will see no notable difference as a consequence of the 4,000 furloughs and layoffs of airport construction workers and support personnel. In addition to airport renovation and expansion projects, the furloughs put a halt to work on a complex navigation system that is seen as the future of the aviation system.

All because Republicans want to make it harder for airline industry workers to unionize.

President Obama referred to the mess as “another Washington-inflicted wound on America.”

Alas, there have been a lot of those lately.

our poster coop talks about Democrats and Messaging.

Well, the DNC needs to take money from their bank account and do some political ads in every district affected by these layoffs.

GET some of the workers on camera, talking about not having employment in the middle of CONSTRUCTION SEASON.

Call this what it is - this IS A GOP JOBS PLAN. This is what they think about it.

They should run this EVERY DAMN DAY THAT CONGRESS IS ON VACATION, with the end being the telephone number of the local Congressman.

EVERY Democrat who goes on any tv show should bring up these LAYOFFS and the right-wing assault on WORKERS is costing this country.

THIS is a message for 2012.

And, the President is incorrect: This is NOT a ' Washington-inflicted wound'. This is a REPUBLICAN -inflicted wound.


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