Monday, May 04, 2009

More Republican Lunacy

Republicans went crazy over this a couple of weeks ago (still are going nuts over it)....

Obama dipped his head as he approached Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah to shake his hand. Probably not a great move for Obama... but it is nothing close to what we have seen in the past. (another case of a Black person being held to a different standard... something I said was going to happen and happen often in terms of how the Country would deal with Obama).


Let me get this straight... Obama is called a terrorist... a Muslim (not that this would be bad necessarily), weak on terror, etc etc etc...for the way that he greeted the Saudi King? This was essentially part of a handshake.

Yet George W. Bush, a White man, walks around holding hands with the King...and even tastes the Kings lips on several occasions and there was no outcry from these same folks. Tradition? Perhaps... but the folks who are up in arms are John Wayne types... for them, George W. was their John Wayne. They don't care about tradition. But no mention of Bush being weak. I don't recall Bush being called a Terrorist... a closet Muslim...or any of that nonsense. And many of the above pictures were taken when gas prices were $4.00 +.... No President that I know of has ever groveled at the feet of Saudi Royals the way that George W. Bush did.

Could you imagine the reaction if Obama kissed the King? These crazy Right wing Republicans wouldn't be able to control themselves.

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