Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin= Another Clarence Thomas

I wrote this down below in a comment, but I believe it needs to be brought forth. People need to see this joke of a candidate for what she is.

She is another Clarence Thomas.
IF Bush 41 wanted to choose a Black Republican, there were PLENTY of QUALIFIED, INTELLECTUAL BLACK REPUBLICAN JUDGES that he could have chosen.

But, he chose Uncle Clarence.

I was debating with other folks about GOP women. We came up with this list:
Olympia Snowe
Kay Bailey Hutchinson
The Whitmans ( Meg and Christine Todd)
ANY Republican woman in Congress

I , personally, wouldn't vote for ANY of these women. But, they could all fight and be considered QUALIFIED.

THIS woman?

She is a owned lock, stock and barrell by the right wing of the Republican Party.

The Democrats need not back down like that they wimped out over Clarence Thomas, lest be accused of racism.

Don't wimp out, and let folks accuse you of sexism. The Democrats have a number of female officeholders as well as political consultants that can get out and attack this woman ON HER ISSUES.

And, it's her ISSUES that should be attacked.

Don't send out any Democratic men to attack Palin. Send out Democratic women. Let the men pound on McCain and his a) lack of judgement, b) his contempt for this country, c) how his slogan ' Country First' is a complete LIE.

She is James Dobson in a dress. Pat Robertson in a dress. She was a soldier for Pat Buchanan.

Get ready for noun.verb.Downs Syndrome

to go along with McCain's noun.verb.POW


Amenta said...

This should awaken the minds of those sleeping on presidential election's politics to the rhetoric verbally flung about like confetti on a windy day. What people say during the election process is soley to play on the minds of the weak, and not to work on the substantial issues of the day. This was totally a strategic move to gain the votes of women upset that Hillary did not get the nomination, and nothing more. I have tried to figure out how anyone could fall for the experience argument since the election of King George to the US office of president. His experience as a govenor has meant what?? DISASTER!

Brian said...

Forgot to tell you Rikyrah...

I thought this was on target.

The Clarence Thomas comparison was the first thing that came to my mind (after I picked my jaw off the floor).