Thursday, April 03, 2008

Obama Breaks $40 Million Fundraising for March


Obama breaks $40 million for March

Yet another success of lowered expectations, and well-concealed numbers, as Obama announces his fundraising numbers for March.

The campaign says he raised more than $40 million from more than 442,000 donors, more than 218,000 of whom were giving for the first time. It's a well Obama's barely begun to tap.

More Than 442,000 Donors Help Obama Raise Over $40 Million in March

CHICAGO, IL—Senator Barack Obama’s campaign announced today that more than 442,000 contributors across the country gave more than $40 million in March. More than 218,000 donors contributed to the campaign for the first time, and the average contribution level was $96.

“Senator Obama has always said that this campaign would rise or fall on the willingness of the American people to become partners in an effort to change our politics and start a new chapter in our history,” campaign manager David Plouffe said. “Today we’re seeing the American people’s extraordinary desire to change Washington, as tens of thousands of new contributors joined the more than a million Americans who have already taken ownership of this campaign for change. Many of our contributors are volunteering for the campaign, making our campaign the largest grassroots army in recent political history.”

March Fundraising by the Numbers

Total Raised in March: More than $40 million

Contributors in March: More than 442,000

First-Time Contributors in March: More than 218,000

Average Contribution: $96

Total Contributors to Date: More than 1,276,000


Methinks the Obama campaign had a little fun this week.



They pulled the rope-a-dope.

By dropping their supposed number first ($30 million)…because they’ve figured out that the MSM NEVER EVER challenges Clinton on the non-veracity of her numbers, even after the lies have been revealed..

The Clintons had to drop a lie quickly -to keep up with the Obama campaign -that they could plausibly ‘prove’ if challenged about their 'creative math', but couldn’t be too outrageous.

After they cornered Clinton into a number that doesn’t remotely come close to their reality…

The Obama campaign dropped their REAL numbers, which, considering everyone will agree this was his worse month ever….will make the numbers even more impressive.



NOTE:Obama has raised over $230 million from individual contributors so far — which is already more than Kerry raised in the entire 2004 campaign!!



Constructive Feedback said...

Rikyrah - In normal cases the fact that the Republican has raised more money is evidence of their being 'purchased' by various interests.

Why is it that when it comes to this campaign this is not the charge? While you all hear on this blog and your sister blog point out Obama's fund raising with individuals - check out the various industries who have donated to his coffers.

Why is it that he is not "purchased" as is usually claimed?

[quote]Of seven major industries that have been the most reliable Republican resources, Sen. McCain has beaten Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama in only one, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan organization. Even that one, transportation, is a close call. Among the seven combined, the expected Republican nominee raised $13.1 million through February, compared with $22.5 million for Sen. Obama and $27.1 million for Sen. Clinton.
[Go to chartbook]
See more data on the finances behind the Clinton, Obama and McCain campaigns

The Republican standard-bearer's attempt to claw back financial support from the GOP's business base could be a pivotal factor in determining the outcome of the presidential race. Employees of financial-services, insurance and real-estate companies so far have donated to Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain by almost two-to-one -- and favored Sen. Clinton by even more. Health-care and pharmaceutical firms have given three times as much to each of the two Democrats as to Sen. McCain. Defense firms put Sen. McCain ahead of Sen. Obama, but behind Sen. Clinton. Energy, construction and agribusiness firms have given more to both Democrats.[/quote]

Truthiz said...

What Barack has achieved via mostly "small" donors, is indeed, a Beautiful thing to watch!

Does Barack have all the answers? Nope. And he never said he did.

Truthiz, this Monumental mess has been decades in the making. A bunch of Arrogant, Corrupt and totally Incompetent clowns, from the Presidency on down, have mucked this country up!

The only HOPE we have in trying to climb up out of this football-field size tar-pit we're in is Us, the American people! Americans have got to be much more Intelligent, and LESS gullibile in who we choose to occupy positions of enormous Power; this is especially so when picking a President!

We've seen the kind of utter Madness one Idiot and his demented side-kick can unleash on the world.

At the very least, Barack Obama represents a "Change" from that!

And as i said at the top, it's a Beautiful thing to watch!

Toure Zeigler said...

It's great to see so many people look past the Rev Wright criticisms and still show their support despite the media doing their best to make Rev Wright a major issue.

In the end, I think it made Obama come out looking stronger. He survived his first major media onslought with dignity and class