Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sarah Palin is Clueless about Egypt

...and just about everything else for that matter.

Jack Cafferty let her have it in his commentary yesterday.

One part of me hopes that she will run for President. But another part of me knows that the American people are actually boneheaded enough to elect her, so I can't really embrace that idea. I would really like to see the media stop giving this woman coverage, as if she is some who is knowledgeable, relevant or even credible. The free coverage only helps her build a brand that will put money in the bank for her and extend her 15 minutes of fame. No other VP candidate in history (who lost) has received anything remotely close to this kind of coverage...and most of those major VP candidates were actually qualified for the job. Why is the media doing this? All week...I have heard/seen, in one form or another, this constant coverage of Palin in the context of - 'What does Palin think about Egypt'? or 'What does Palin think about Obama's handling of the situation in the Middle East'? As if anyone cares. Why does the media act as if every event has to be validated or analyzed by Sarah Palin? This is a woman who recently forgot to sign her name on a Trademark application. And she thinks she is qualified to be President?

Stop giving this woman coverage.... please.

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