Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Even Some Conservatives Think Glenn Beck is Nuts

Conservative Stalwart Bill Kristol has called out Glenn Beck on his nonsensical rantings about the situation in Egypt. I have been amazed by the Republican media's talking points over the past week. Basically, the Republican media establishment has come out in support of dictator Hosni Mubarak & his government, all in the name of undermining President Obama. Republican Supreme Leader Rush Limbaugh, along with Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and much of Fox-Non-News have been leading the way in this particular anti-Obama effort. But in the process, they have come away looking absolutely ridiculous.

Finally, some Conservatives are beginning to speak up, unable to deal with the level of crazy coming from their own ranks.

And despite all of this...what does Obama do? He legitimizes Fox-Non-News (a political organization) by appearing on their network over the weekend. This is the kind of nonsense that gives me a headache about Obama & Co.


Glenn Beck - The Biggest Con Artist in America

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Karen said...

Bill Kristol is not someone respected by true Conservatives.

He's a war-mongering Neocon.

Nice try, though.

Team Afro said...

Beck, Palin and company are truly dangerous people. Their "say anything for the party" attitude puts our whole country at risk. Obama and the Dems however have to be more forceful in presenting their positions or these nuts will continue influencing the millions that they currently control