Saturday, December 12, 2009

Racial Tensions at South Philly High

I grew up in Philadelphia in the 1980’s and am an alumnus of Central High School, one of the city’s public schools. We had our share of racial tensions back in the day but it never got very bad from what I remember.

The Angry Asian Man blog has been chronicling racial tensions and violent encounters at South Philadelphia High School the past few weeks primarily between African-American students and Asian-American and immigrant students. These reports have been shocking me in a “I can’t believe these things are still happening in 2009” kind of way.

What the hell is happening in Philadelphia? Yesterday, 26 Asian students at South Philadelphia High School were attacked and beaten by a gang of other students throughout the day: Asian students under attack at S. Phila. High.

District officials said that ten students have been suspended. (That's it?) No arrests were reported, but students who were outside the school yesterday said they had seen students being led out of the building in handcuffs. Well, that's great -- but how about some actual arrests and charges?

This is just the latest in several ongoing incidents of violence against Asian immigrant students that were reported at the school last year. Can you blame these students -- many of whom came to the U.S. specifically to attend school -- for just wanting to stay home? It beats going to school under fear of getting your ass kicked every day, all day.

This week's spate of attacks began Wednesday, when a Vietnamese student was jumped by 14 students across the street from the school. Yesterday, the attackers were apparently roaming the halls "searching for victims class by class during school."

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The Angry Independent said...

"roaming the Halls". ??? Doesn't sound like adults are in charge.

Not being there, it's hard to say what happened for sure... but I do understand the tendency of school authorities to be afraid to take control of these schools. It's a shame that they have to be afraid of the angry pissed off parents coming to the school... not to straighten out their urban terrorist children.... but attacking administrators and teachers. It's the same in big cities across the Country.

It's something that I don't understand about the so-called "Black Community".

The role models to these urban terrorists have convinced them that stoking division between themselves and Asians, Latinos & Whites is a good thing...or that it is at least acceptable. Asian and Latin gangs do the same thing (although in Philly... I don't know if it's gang affiliation or race that is the primary issue).

It's fueled even more by the ignorant and destructive Rap culture.

School should be a sanctuary where students feel safe to learn, grow, etc. Not a place where they have to worry about being terrorized. And the local officials are cowards for allowing this kind of situation to exist. They were likely aware of the problem for some time.

There should be zero tolerance. If these thugs can't shape up... they have to go to alternative institutions. Damn the parents. (The parents are often a bigger problem than the student). I deal with these folks from time to time...when their kids get into trouble. The attitudes from the parents...mostly women.... is unbelievable. They talk to you as if YOU are the problem and they are upset that YOU are disrupting their evening ...because the Police called them to pick up their little terrorist.
It's pervasive in the "Black Community". Every day I am ashamed of the value system that has taken root in that particular culture.