Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Example of Why America Is Headed For Decline

Rachel Maddow puts spotlight on the "Christian" right and their political allies, praying for God to intervene to stop Healthcare Reform.


These people are completely out of their minds. But this is the new America... where no meaningful legislation will be passed from a permanently gridlocked government. The U.S. has essentially reached a point where nothing can get done. The government is no longer functional. It will be nearly impossible for the U.S. to keep up with the kinds of rapid changes taking place in the world.

Healthcare reform (in any real sense) has already been killed in the U.S. Senate... so these "Christians" are already emboldened. But the video is an example of how Religion has poisoned the political discourse in this Country. I really wonder what God they are praying to...and what bible they are reading. This is why the American flag shouldn't be wrapped around the cross. When the two are mixed, religion is distorted, perverted and misused for political purposes.

America is finito folks! I'm more convinced everyday. Finished as the most powerful nation on earth. And when I say finished, I mean finished in relative terms. It may not happen in 10 or 20 years.... but it will probably happen in our lifetimes. Certainly sooner than people think. With a gridlocked government that, for all practical purposes, no longer functions.... the U.S. will continue to gradually fall behind. Gradual like the end of Rome.

America is a burning house. All I can tell you is.... buy all the ammo you can, hoard some food, and be prepared for the worst. Sit back and watch the house burn. (that's all you can do at this point). On the other side of this transition, I can envision an America that is closer to third-world status than the leading nation on earth. We already have big cities that are teetering on third-world status.

Canada is looking nicer all the time (not joking). Americans have to start considering other options for themselves and their families, in terms of possibly living elsewhere. We are reaching a point where it may be in their best interests to do so... particularly from an economic, health/personal welfare, and quality of life standpoint.

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Robert M said...

You are talking about history almost no one knows and most of those whom do, don't understand.