Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ward Connerly Welcomes KKK Support

Ward Connerly Embraces KKK Support for a Michigan Ballot initiative to Outlaw Affirmative Action.

The measure passed in Michigan on election day, but now Connerly is receiving criticism for his KKK remarks, even from Conservatives.

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The African American Roundtable from NPR's News and Notes program also tackles this story. Listen to program here.

The Angry Independent:

This guy never ceases to amaze me. He really takes the cake with this one. And there's no coming back from this one either.

The thing about Connerly is that he blurts out things that other Black Conservatives are afraid to say, and does things in public that they are afraid to do. So in a way, he provides a window that gives insight on what many of these people are thinking..... (but are afraid to reveal). In that sense, Connerly is useful to us.... He lets us take a peak into the Souls of Black Conservatives.
How can someone be so severely racists and bigoted against their own?

There are many of these folks around these days who are becoming prominent. Armstrong Williams and LaShawn Barber come to mind. They are almost just as bad as Connerly in their disdain for their race. Jesse Lee Peterson also comes to mind. However, I have never known of any instance where these Connerly clones embraced the KKK. But I could be wrong. Some of these folks have few limits, and are certainly capable of such antics.

Now I must admit I have mentioned supporting only certain kinds of affirmative action or supporting affirmative action only for special circumstances. But that's my independent, personal responsibility, Moderate/Conservative side rearing its head. Embracing KKK support for ANYTHING is just bizarre and beyond comprehension for me. I don't see how any Black Man....or any Human Being for that matter, can embrace the KKK and welcome their support.

Connerly then praises the KKK for their support of "equality". WHAT???

Either this man is on drugs or mentally disturbed. Conservative Whites would even have trouble backing Connerly on some of his stances.

Perhaps this will finally sink this guys support (even from Conservatives) and maybe his speaking requests will take a hit. I'm tired of seeing his face on all of the news programs playing spokesperson for the Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

Why is Ward Connerly's actions of more offense to you than are the actions of the Michigan electorate - the overwhelming majority of them being Democrats?

The elections this past Tuesday in the state saw Michigan Democrats crush all Republican challengers.

All the while these White Democrats in the state went to the poll and vote for Democratic candidates that no doubt most Blacks would vote for as the stand united to displace Republicans - when it came to a key vote that was in the interests of Black people - THEY CHOSE TO VOTE COUNTER TO WHAT MOST BLACKS HAD WANTED.

So again I ask you - was Ward Connerly - one Black man who sees this issue differently and asked to put it to a vote THE THREAT

or was it the White Democrat who had his shield of defense of being able to say "I am the lesser of two evils" removed as he joined the Republicans to vote against a direct "Black Interest" the problem?

The Angry Independent said...

"Why is Ward Connerly's actions of more offense to you than are the actions of the Michigan electorate - the overwhelming majority of them being Democrats"?

I don't really have a problem with Michigan voters in this case. Voters have a right to restrict or make illegal anything they want, as long as it does not violate the law, civil rights protections, the Constitution, etc. Michigan voters exercised their legitimate right. African Americans do not have a protected right to Affirmative Action.

They happen to disagree with what they see as qoutas.... fair enough. Do I totally agree with that decision? No.... But they do have a right to make it at the voting booth.

Also the Affirmative Action decision dealt with public entities. Private businesses can still institute their own policies to reach out to African Americans.

The decision of the Michigan voters is really not the issue here at all. The issue here has to do with Ward Connerly (A Black Man)....welcoming comfort and support from an organization such as the organization that would have no problem with lynching him.