Friday, May 06, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell's interview with Dr. Condi Rice...make your own judgements


Things got a little testy in the interview. Judge for yourself.

The Last Word with Rachel Maddow Reacting to the Rice interview


Prosey said...

You & me both (testy)...wanted to smack Condi! Wasn't the first time, though.

Bruce Schmiechen said...

O'Donnell did a pretty good job of getting at her BS if you were already cynical about Condi, but I have to say that he's not very good at letting people run their mouth and then deftly going in to skewer them. He's too hair-trigger in his responses. His style tends to give the interviewee the cheap out of whining about him not letting them finish, etc.

Although Condi's absolute inability to reflect on the Bush-era debacles - even at the most modest analytical level that one should expect from a much-hyped "national security intellectual" teaching at a top university - was stunning even to a Condi-loather like me, I have to say of the interview over all that Maddow is better at this kind of thing. O'Donnell too often gets in the way of his own intentions and starts going "Chris Matthews" on people. That only appeals to folks who are already with you.