Monday, May 23, 2011

The GOP 2012 Strategy - America, you are at a crossroads

As we watch more and more GOP candidates declare that they are NOT going to run in 2012; then see the GOP double down on the Paul 'LETS KILL MEDICARE AND MEDICAID' Ryan budget, plus flirt with the possible default of the United States, with the debt ceiling....

Sometimes, the posters here write things that are just profound to their core.


Well, it's come down to this: as a result of the Republicans' hatred of the black president, our economy is now stagnant, so much so that our credit rating is at risk of being downgraded and our country is in danger of becoming a banana republic. The United States is now at a crossroads, and the choice our country makes will redefine America.

Will the country choose the black president and his vision for the country, a vision that calls for increased taxes on the wealthy and the preservation of our social fabric, or will the country follow the blue-eyed, boyish white man, whose warm, reassuring voice belies a dystopian vision that only favors the rich and the influential.
It's ironic that a little more than a century after the Civil War, the country's fate now rides on a black man with an odd-sounding name. It'll be interesting to see if our country is truly "post-racial" enough to trust its future to the black man, or will the fear of a black planet cause our nation to go to hell in a a blue-eyed Paul Ryan hand basket?



And I Chris says this They've spent 4 decades perfecting the Southern Strategy.They're r@cists. And there it is. There's no more wiggle room for them. No need for the old "I'm not a r@cist...but" standby. They've gone too far over the edge at this point and frankly I think they have decided this is the only way they can attempt to defeat him.

From the moment Barack Obama set their hair on end and took their breath away by doing what they were so sure could never happen - be a black man elected President of the United States - they have had one strategy and one strategy only. To strip of legitimacy and strip him of his humanity. The surest way for them to do that for their base is to constantly remind them that he is black.

And all it does for this Dem is make me more determined than ever that they're not going anywhere that White House. Frankly, they're not clean enough to enter it.

And, another one from coop:


Thanks Rikyrah for the acknowledgement!

I tell ya, the Democrats' inability to create, implement,and maintain a potent master narrative that successfully counters the Republican spin machine leaves me perpetually vexed. This sound bite from the Chevron CEO is a case in point.

It's a surefire political and ideological gift, yet I do not see Democrats taking ownership of this soundbite and churning it through the MSM with the appropriate Democratic meme.

I don't see it being deconstructed, appropriated, subverted, mocked, analyzed, interrogated, scrutinized or dissected.I don't see it becoming "democratized" and utilized for the common good. Instead I see what I so desperately don't want to but have come to expect -- ripe Democratic fruit left to wither on the vine.

Inexplicably adverse to Carpe Diem, the Democrats fail to grasp the big picture -- "the vision thing" -- because they have forgotten who they are,and, sadly, they believe that they partake in separate political battles rather than grasping that they are engaged in a sustained ideological war, with the victor redefining America.

The Democrats can limn the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economic terrorism waged on the middle class,etc within the Democratic master narrative rather than doing what is done now: reacting to each and every event as a separate entity in an of itself.

Even now with seemingly underwhelming Republican presidential candidates, the Democrats are not firing the narrative at all cylinders, and because they are not, they are creating the possibility for a Huntsman to win the nomination. If he does so, it's because the Democratic narrative failed to delineate the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats in general and between Obama and Hunstman in particular. Huntsman may, in the mother of all ironies, cleverly cast himself as Obama in whiteface. And because Obama and the Democrats have put forth at best a fuzzy, inconsistent narrative, and because many are still uncomfortable with a black president, the Republican Obama --Huntsman-- white, handsome, cool, urbane, husband of a pretty blonde wife, could possible be America's next president.

The Democratic master narrative holds the key to America's future, her direction and her very identity.The Republican control of the narrative ,and the resultant control of the political landscape, makes such an observation fact not hyperbole.

I'm not yet at the point that I feel like a Cassandra, but if we don't soon see Democrats seize and subvert Republican talking points and reconfigure them within the master narrative -- a new American narrative -- it will be too late; because the Republican Trojan horse will be too far inside America's walls.

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