Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Because...

100% marriage material for me.... but I could never come close to affording Leona Lewis.

Would love to be White or Latino, and well-off. At least for a few days just to see what it's like. Just being honest, lol. Haven't started cursing God yet though. There are a few things to be thankful for even when you're at the bottom.


rikyrah said...

dude, all you gotta be is well-off and male. Being Black won't stop you from getting the women, if you have $$$$$$.

The Angry Independent said...

For the kinds of women who I would be interested in, being white would make things a Hell of a lot easier. Although finances will sometimes trump race...and for the super rich, I would say that "sometimes" changes to "often" was and still is the case for Tiger Woods. But i'll never have that kind of money.

Point is, being Black presents all sorts of problems, especially in IR dating, as the OK Cupid report on race pointed out... Blacks get the short end of the stick in dating. Being white, particularly white and male, carries a certain level of privilege that even black men with a little money will never be able to enjoy. Just as racial disparities have been found in employment - white men w/ a criminal record having a better shot at finding work than black men with a clean record...w/ all other variables being equal - the same is true with dating. The average white guy....just the average joe, could consistently date/attract good quality women of all major ethnic groups... often just as good or better than a black guy who earns a nice paycheck could get. Thanks to privilege, white males are given a quarter of a mile head-start in a mile long race.

But more money certainly would go a long way toward making my life... I wouldn't say easier... i'd say more tolerable.