Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For All DREAM Act Supporters, A Question For You

I know that those who supported the DREAM Act are disappointed at its failure during the lame duck session. I watch programs like this:

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and read articles about how much the Latino community is putting The President's feet to the fire over this issue.

Commentary: Obama must reconnect with U.S. Hispanics

I don't want to spoil anyone's holiday mood, but as we approach President Barack Obama's second anniversary in office, it's time to say that he has not fulfilled some of his key promises to U.S. Hispanics and Latin America.


• Immigration: Last week, the Obama administration failed to overcome Republican opposition in the Senate to the Dream Act, which would have given citizenship to tens of thousands of college students or soldiers in the U.S. military who were brought to the country as infants by undocumented immigrants.

It was the easiest immigration measure to pass, because it was the one that made most sense from a national security, economic and humanitarian stand.


It was the EASIEST?

Shrub Bush couldn't pass it and he shoved this country into TWO WARS without breaking a sweat, but it was supposed to be so easy for this President.

The author continues...

Granted, it was Republican senators who blocked it. But many Hispanic leaders wonder whether Obama spent enough time and effort to get it passed: On the same week, Obama managed to get enough Republican support in the Senate to repeal the military's ban on openly gay troops, and days later he mustered enough Republican Senators to pass the New START nuclear arms treaty.

On the broader issue of a comprehensive immigration reform that would seek to both secure the U.S. borders and provide a legal path to legalization to about 11 million undocumented immigrants, the president did not meet his campaign promise to make it a ``top priority'' of his first year in office, or of his second year.

It was REPUBLICAN Senators who blocked it, but that doesn't matter, because it's President Obama's fault.

Yes, because the President really didn't have anything on his plate the first two years in office, only two wars, the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, and trying to find a way to get healthcare for 30 million uninsured AMERICAN CITIZENS...I don't know why that would be more important than dealing with people who a) are NOT citizens, and b) are here illegally. Silly me, I don't know what the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was thinking over these past 2 years.

In all my reading, and my tv viewing, maybe I missed it, but I'd like to know...

When Latinos talk about the GOP knowing the power of the Latino vote, as they continue to pass ' What about IF YOU AIN'T WHITE don't you understand' Laws....

As well as ALL Republican Senators from following states with sizeable Latino populations voted AGAINST the DREAM Act : Texas,Nevada, Florida, Illinois.
How come if the Latino is so ' obviously important', these Senators voted against it?

When I hear them talk about ' all they need are 6 more Senators'...

How come in all this ' the GOP will need to pass the DREAM act to get Latino votes', have I not seen one sentence written about how they've gotten SENATOR-ELECT MARCO RUBIO to be their champion in the new Senate?

what's up with that?

Why have I never heard RUBIO in the same sentence as the DREAM Act?

Being a Republican designated 'anchor baby' himself....why hasn't he taken up this cause?

And, if not, I wanna know why the Latino community isn't calling him on it?
Like I said, I might have missed it...maybe they are calling him on it.

Who better to harness GOP Votes, than their new Tea Party Golden Boy Rubio?

Don't front like the President can do all the heavy lifting himself, if folks in the Latino community that could help - are silent.


Truthiz said...

Oh now see Rikyrah_there you go pointing out the OBVIOUS audacity of the Hispanic community.

They really really really want to scapegoat the President on this matter and let Rubio slide.

Shame on you for EXPOSING them_smh.

Brian said...

I would have loved to see the Dream Act passed, but I knew that the numbers weren't there in the Senate, and that there was little Obama could do to change that. Some in the Latino community have expectations that just aren't realistic. While there are some legitimate gripes among Progressives, this wouldn't necessarily be one of them. They wanted Obama to wave a magic wand and take care of Comprehensive Immigration Reform too.... which was never going to happen. I noticed while they chided him for the failures...and acted as if Presidents alone can pass legislation...little pressure was placed on Republicans...the source of the obstruction.

And great point on Bush.... even a Republican President couldn't get this done.

However, this issue should never - NEVER- be allowed to create wedge within Progressive sphere between Blacks & Hispanics. This is something that Republicans would probably love to see happen.... in fact, their obstruction could be part of an effort to do just that. As with everything else.... they want to obstruct... and then use their huge media/PR position to blame the President when the business of the Country isn't being done. That has been a winning strategy for them over the past 2 years. Voters... many of them anyway, are stuck in a stupor, and they take in the Republican position and framing, as if it were gospel.

BekkaPoo said...

Cuz his Repub buddies would send Rubio to Cuba if they could, even though he was born here!