Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is Barack Obama a ------g Idiot, Naive, or Am I Just Imagining Things?

Rhetorical question.... I already have my opinion on this.

Book smart, eloquent, charismatic, knowledgeable about public policy and government, Ivy League educated and a technocrat... but lacks wisdom.

He has lost me.

That is all.


Mod Lumpkin said...

*Jeopardy music playing in the background*
Ummmm........I'll take "Naive" for $400 Alex!

Truthiz said...

Naaa. He's not an *idiot,* not in my opinion anyway.

He's Indifferent and to a lesser degree, Naive.

The man doesn't seem to really give a fig about anything OR anyone but Michelle, Sasha and Malia. That's it.

Mod Lumpkin said...

I think he cares about this country and has good intentions.
He just doesn't know how to play the political game and he's not ruthless enough. When you have your enemies(GOP)against the ropes, you don't agree to a compromise, you knock them out!!
I still support him but this Mr. Nice Guy stuff is for the birds!

Anonymous said...

You left out the "deliberate, corporate mole" option. But who cares anymore what the reason is? The result is the same. I'm done with him too.

rikyrah said...

you have to explain.

he just got DADT and the START Treaty.

tell me what's happened that snapped it.

surely it's not the tax compromise, which wouldn't have been neecessary if the DEMOCRATS in Congress had done their job.

Truthiz said...

I'm not giving Pres. Obama any credit for DADT. And the truth is, I can't speak on START because I don't know much about it.

But I do know this: Based on his first 2 years in office, WE (the people who voted for him) "been had" We "been took."

Sad thing is: The Republican Party is no longer a credible party. It's the equivalent of a huge Toxic waste dump. And as such, ALL repub candidates are in some way, shape or form, Poison_smh.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. How about lacking experience for the job? Obama is not experience in government politics or government leadership. He should have stayed in the senate longer before branching off to the highest office in the land. All of you have prove my points about his election; you all got caught up in he hollywood style of movie hype. YOU BELIEVED THE LIED. They(his peeps, cronies etc..) created this star and now you see the real deal. You want a leader and you are not seeing it are you? Well... 2012

The Angry Independent said...

Well perhaps I could add a little context.

When I say he has lost me... that primarily means the thrill is gone... the excitement/hope surrounding his election, the idea that he stood for a grand vision, that he stood for something new... that's all dead for me. I now see him as just another politician. Although I am still proud of the idea that someone of color made it so far.

I even hate the idea that my President is a fan of Crap music.But that's another issue.

I see President Obama as the least bad of two bad choices. The lesser evil. I hope he is re-elected, because the alternative is many times worse.

I understand that he has to work within the tight constraints set by Congress and that he can only do what he is able to do. But even for the items where he can pragmatically get things done, he doesn't use all of the weapons in his war chest, and often doesn't seem to put his heart and soul into an endeavor.

I know he can't magically improve things in the private sector and create jobs... however, he can push for a set of policies that could set the conditions for job growth. He could use his bully pulpit to push a jobs agenda. He could put something on the table and force Republicans to vote for it or against it (voting against a job growth proposal would be crazy). He should be talking jobs jobs jobs. Although he can't magically fix everything, he could at least appear as though he is trying damn hard. Look busy damn it, even when a solution may not be at hand. Instead, he is praising an NFL team about picking up dog killer Michael Vick (another PR stumble that could have been avoided). Yes, I am aware that the original context of the call to the Philadelphia Eagles was about something totally different... but media turned the story into something else. A stupid move in a nation fanatical about its pets. If he can find time for that...he can find time to engage more on jobs/economy.

He doesn't seem to have a moral center that drives him. He's all over the place.

And the Eagles call reflects another problem... the continued (avoidable) PR blunders and the lack of a coherent media strategy...or strategy for communicating with the American public. The Obama Admin. is fighting with itself as much as it is fighting with the GOP.

The Angry Independent said...

Basically I have not been all that impressed with his domestic policies...and I surely don't care for his foreign policy. His policies don't match the stirring rhetoric in his speeches. You have to do more than give a good speech. There have been too many instances where he seemed unengaged. He has also appeared to be out of touch (in too many cases) with people and events on the ground. He has been naive about what the pulse of the nation has actually been at any given time.

On foreign policy... I could write a book about where I disagree... from NATO to Asia.. the policies are misguided and are not making us any safer. I'm still annoyed by his comments a few weeks ago calling Hillary Clinton one of the greatest Sec. of State in history. Absolute nonsense. The image of the U.S. is poorer in many parts of the world than it was two years ago when the Obama Administration took over. She has no significant achievements as Secretary...and it is more likely that the feathers she has ruffled have overshadowed any relationships repaired. She isn't even qualified to be Sec. of State IMO.

Obama's position on North and South Korea is another problem. Instead of pushing for peace... he upped the ante, and instigated the conflict. Encouraging militarism on the part of the South Koreans is bad policy... especially when American blood and treasure are on the line. He should have played the grown up and encouraged all sides to turn down the volume.... instead, he sends an aircraft carrier and encourages more flexing of military muscle in the most volatile hotspot on earth. China ended up playing the grown-up and the U.S. rejected their efforts to arrange talks.

It wasn't very reassuring to hear that the President was playing a game of pickup basketball during the height of the crisis....when he should have been working the phones. Bill Richardson had to go to Asia to ease the tensions. Hillary Clinton? Please.

I don't want a Hip Hop President.... (yes I think his musical tastes in that regard really suck). But all of it reflects the man IMO. That combined with everything else has just turned me off.