Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tim Scott's South Carolina win is a loss for African Americans

The mainstream media portrays Paul Thurmond as the loser in last night’s Republican primary for South Carolina’s first congressional district, but that’s all wrong. The real losers are African Americans.

After Tim Scott’s victory, Republicans will treat us with a steady diet of “look how diverse we are.” One black face in a sea of white Republicanism doesn’t equal diversity, it’s more like a rounding error.

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rikyrah said...

How is it a loss for African -Americans? he'll be the GOP's latest lawn jockey, and everytime they do something outrageous and offensive, they'll trot him out, and he'll defend them, and will point out, once again, how ridiculous he is.

as fellow poster ptcruiser says, until one of them wins in a majority Black district, they're just shinning and grinning and should be treated as such.

rikyrah said...

and the link to the rest of your column doesn't work

Constructive Feedback said...

My dear friend Rikyrah:

In as much as the Democratic party as complete control over the key institutions that provide Black Americans with our key civic services - when these institutions FAIL.......the Democrats don't have to trot out a "Democrat who is Black" to provide cover for their failures which provide material harm to Black people.

Instead the array of Black establishment operatives will merely make this FAILURE a function of our people's damage state from history, thus transacting upon our inferiority.

Even the post on MoA references the OFFENSIVENESS in notions of equality that some people might point to. Indeed more leverage is had by pointing out our inferiority.

Which of these party schemes is more prevalent?