Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama In a No Win Situation Regarding Gulf Oil Spill

And of course I knew this all along. See CNN report discussing the risks of Obama being labeled the 'Angry Black Man' and the whole double standard surrounding it. He will be criticized no matter what he does.... mainly because there is a huge Republican PR and media machine dedicated to this task 24 hours a day, although Progressives (myself included) have also been complaining. But I also believe that there are things that he could have done (and could do in the weeks and months to come) to minimize the damage...both to the Gulf and to his reputation. For the most part, Obama hasn't done much to help least not until recently.

I have felt from the beginning that simply getting angry would not be enough. Showing anger is necessary in a situation like this. However, anger with no action to back it up, is just acting and pandering. It's empty rhetoric. He needs to do more than that.

His response to the BP mess (and now the Country's mess) has been lacking in both words/emotions AND deeds. So he has to show the anger/emotion, but he must also back it up with some sort of meaningful action.

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