Monday, June 28, 2010

The Supreme Court Says the 2nd Amendment Applies to All Citizens

High Court Rules in Favor of Gun Rights

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court ruled for the first time that gun possession is fundamental to American freedom, giving federal judges power to strike down state and local weapons laws for violating the Second Amendment.

In a 5-4 ruling, the court held that the Second Amendment's right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right that binds states.
"Self defense is a basic right, recognized by many legal systems from ancient times to the present day," wrote Justice Samuel Alito. He was joined in reaching the result by Chief Justice John Roberts and justices Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

The legal question before the court had much to do with questions of constitutional history. Before the Civil War, courts held that the Bill of Rights applied only to the federal government. After the Union victory, the Reconstruction amendments were adopted to elevate individual rights over state powers and cement the federal role in enforcing them.

I think I'm to the right of the rest of the bloggers here on this issue, but I agree with this ruling completely.

The only people in America, that cannot legally obtain firearms, are law abiding urban dwellers like me.

Suburban folks have them.
Rural folks have them.
The criminals that run rampant in urban areas CERTAINLY have them - the gun restriction laws have never slowed THEM down.

I'm not saying that I will run out and purchase a gun. The point for me was, if I wanted to, I should be able to, as a law abiding citizen of this country.

Coming to an urban area near you: the Crispus Attucks Gun Club.


The Angry Independent said...

This was the Chicago case.... I meant to ask you about this...but have been busy. I was expecting to hear about this today... thanks for the post.

This specifically dealt with Chicago. You live in a crazy city. The mayor and other local officials are against guns even in the home in the city of Chicago... You can't own one at all. This is absolutely crazy in a city where crime is rampant...and where gangs and urban terrorists roam freely. The criminals have their weapons...but the law abiding citizen can't feel safe where they sleep at night? Madness!!!

In other words...crazy Mayor Daley has been willing to put the safety & security of his entire city (at least the law abiding citizens) at risk....knowing that the criminal element, which is heavy in Chicago, is free to have their weapons. The thugs do what they want in Chicago. They know you aren't going to be armed. Daley knows they are well armed (his own police dept. has told him so.... that the criminals are outgunning police officers). So knowing all of that..he's willing to allow folks to be vulnerable.. in their own homes? Makes no sense whatsoever. That's a place that is supposed to be your sanctuary...your castle. That's why the 2nd amendment is so fundamental.

I don't see how anyone could live in the city limits of Chicago...
That whole State has crazy gun laws. The paperwork if excessive (designed to discourage you from getting a gun, getting your gun training, etc).

That may be changing soon...from what I have been hearing/reading. There is some good legislation that is being discussed in Springfield, that is supposed to fix the gun mess in your State. Unfortunately, it may not have enough support to pass... not sure what the latest count is in the State House/Senate.

I am also hearing that Daley was prepared for this ruling...and plans to throw up other measures that would create so much red much many fees, that no law abiding citizen will want to have a gun. (why do they hate the law abiding folks so much there?). Basically he plans to get around the Supreme Court ruling... by making policies that would give him the same result, without technically violating the law. Like the old poll taxes and tests for Black folks.

I would say write your State official...but chances are... they are in support of the ban. Your city is an absolute mess. Full of corrupt officials who only care about themselves. Daley doesn't care about you... doesn't want you to have protection...but he has gun toting Chicago police guarding him at all times...including at home. And those other officials...many of them don't spend most of their time living in the city limits.

And aren't to the Right of me. lol I'm probably the most conservative person here. Although I consider myself an independent Progressive.

rikyrah said...

thank you this, AI.

and the thing is...

every last one of the mofos who would support Daley in this ridiculous ban....


that's right.

all these bitchass legislators

can carry and conceal, but want to leave the rest of us defenseless.

fuck that.