Thursday, March 25, 2010

Periello Blasts Republicans in Washington for Refusing to Unequivocally Denounce Threats Against Democrats

Hmmm. Well Mr. McCain, it looks like this isn't really a joke to those who are on the receiving end of the threats.

From Think Progress:

Democratic lawmakers are increasingly coming out and reporting incidents of harassment in response to their vote for health care reform. In addition to previously reported vandalism in Kansas, New York, Ohio, and Arizona — as well as disturbing threats surrounding Reps. Tom Periello (D-VA) and Bart Stupak (D-MI) — lawmakers have received images of nooses sent to their offices and had their personal information publicly distributed. At least 10 lawmakers have requested extra security after receiving death threats, and Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL) said that “he knows several Democrats who have told their spouses to move out of the home districts while the lawmakers are in Washington.”

See full story with video interview here.


Anonymous said...

Is Periello willing to speak out against the threats and intimidation against Republican members of Congress, including his Republican state colleague, Eric Cantor? Or the vile messages being left at other (R) offices?

So, far, all I hear is fauxrage on one side and *crickets* when it comes to condemning generalized lawlessness, whether it's against (d) or (r).

Didn't hear too many Democrats speaking out against the Black Panther intimidation tactics at the voting polling stn in Philly, nor a peep when all litigation was stopped by the helpful Holder DOJ.

Again ..... *crickets*

I'm not condoning what is being said or done by ANY of the extremists, but I'm finding the ginned-up outrage (a) one sided and how con-veen-ient and (b) smelling very much like a set-up.

Just like the whole Duke rape thing.

Liberal Arts Dude said...

Give me a break Anonymous. If both Rs and Ds are getting death threats then they should be investigated by the FBI. I agree with AI that these types of behavior are domestic terrorism and should be treated accordingly.

Your tone obviously isn't about concern for the safety of these Congress members or concern for the breakdown of discourse in this country. You are solely concerned with partisan, rhetorical one-upmanship and your concern is to deflect blame and responsibility off the Tea Parties and Republican establishment for unleashing this ugliness and viciousness in American political life.

Fact: it was the Tea Partiers who carried guns and used gun-oriented rhetoric in the healthcare townhall meetings over the summer

Fact: It is well-documented how Tea Partiers invoke the imagery and rhetoric of guns and violence through the past year in protests and gatherings

So when threats on Congress members happen that involve the use of guns and violence -- you can't blame the general public from putting two and two together and making the connection. The onus is on YOU and your ilk to prove to the general public that Tea Parties are nothing but harmless civic engagement clubs instead of fringe, extremist groups of thugs.

And invoking the Duke University thing -- that's just low. It is off topic, disrespectful, and shows you are not here to engage in conversation. You're just here to troll and spew hatred.