Thursday, March 25, 2010

John McCain Laughs Off Wave of Threats Towards Members of Congress

McCain completely laughs off the threats made against members of Congress and their children. He says Palin's actions are no big deal. According to him, the incidents that we have seen over the past week represent normal politics in America. He defends Sarah Palin's behavior (and by extension...he is defending similar behavior by others that is clearly aimed at ginning up followers to take action on their own....while the politicians use plausible deniability).

The coded language of Sarah Palin is really of no concern. It's all a part of our imaginations. Stop worrying. Go back to sleep.

(Of course he desperately needs Sarah Palin because she is the only hope for him if he's going to win re-election).

This guy is COMPLETELY senile and creepy to me. Maybe it's just me.

You have to see it to believe it.

Yeah... tell that to Congressman Periello and all the other members of Congress and their families, "targeted" by these fanatics. Laugh in their faces and tell them that it's no big deal. Of course Periello is a part of the real world and disagrees with the giggling idiot from Arizona.


Bennett said...

I agree, he's gone way over the edge.

And "persecuted"? Damn, John. When someone breaks the law they're "prosecuted"...

Thanks for posting this item (and so many others).

RainaHavock said...

It's thing like this that make me Thank God he didn't wing in 2008. smh

Anonymous said...

What about the threats against Jean Schmidt, (R-OH) or Eric Cantor (R-VA).
Oh, wait, those don't count because they don't meet the narrative already created by the MSM. Bet the fundingraising letters all the Dem-aligned groups are sending out are raking in the buck, tho, huh?

So, all "wee-wee'd" up about "reloading" and "targeting"? Trying to pony up some sympathy, but not just feelin' it.

I guess when we have silence when SEIU thugs beat the crap out of a black man trying to sell stuff at a Tea party rally, or when we have then-Candidate Obama getting people all worked up and telling them to go out there and "get in people's faces", now is not the time to be all ---ooooh, this is bad! and must stop!

Obama and his minions sowed the seeds and are now reaping the harvest ...from both sides.

Change! you can believe in!

Liberal Arts Dude said...

Again, give me a break Anonymous. Your response shows you could care less for the safety of even these Republican Congress members. You're just caught up in partisan one-upmanship and deflecting the blame off the Tea Parties and Republican establishment for unleashing this viciousness.

If Cantor and Schmidt are getting threats then the FBI should do its job and investigate.

Mikhail Silverwood said...

Clearly threats of violence, assassination, terrorism; comments of racial and homophobic nature, are totally unacceptable in a national political environment. It reduces our civilised society, a system where we live in a cooperative society to solve our problems by working together in a parliament of elected reprentatives, into a disguise and sham.

John McCain is being far too partisan and hopefully he'll get caught out and made to look like a fool. It takes a dumb politician to defend his party and his movement no matter what the time of day.

A smart politician would use this incident to his advantage. He would concede that the threats were unacceptable, denouncing the conservatives and supporting the Democrat house members... and then he would spin the details of the incident to form an attack on the Democrats.

And that's the difference between a fool like McCain and a genius like Karl Rove.

That's the difference between a fool like Harry Ried and a genius like Bill Clinton.