Monday, March 29, 2010

Minority-Owned Media A Must

Recently, I used this forum to write about the value of a diverse media, but diversity in mainstream media organizations is just one part of a diverse media. The second necessary part of a diverse media is minority-owned media targeted to minority audiences. There are real world ramifications for why minority-owned media matters.

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Paradigm said...

I agree with the need for minority owned media. Stories that could enlighten the majority populous about whats going on with the minority populous could go a long way into opening dialogue and eyes.

The Angry Independent said...

Minority owned media is o.k. as a goal... but minority owned media doesn't always mean good media... it certainly doesn't automatically mean something good for (in this case) Blacks. BET is a perfect example of an entity that hasn't provided the best image of Blacks in America. Instead, it profited big time from Black dysfunction.

If I woke up one morning and BET no longer existed.... I would celebrate (heavily). Shouldn't be a surprise.... because I despise much of modern Black culture.... and they seem to promote the worst of it.

But the point is... everything with a Black facade isn't necessarily good for Black people.

That's why I am no huge fan of the Black label being on everything. It just isn't necessary for me. That goes for HBCU's, Black Entertainment (as if all Blacks require some different form of entertainment), Black books, etc etc etc. I just don't prescribe to it.

I personally wouldn't allow my kids (if I had any) to watch BET or to attend an HBCU. (Horrible me!). Just a personal choice.

But I can also see the benefits of minority run media and other minority controlled ventures.... WHEN DONE RIGHT. Another factor is the broader sense. Everything good came at the right time in history. I wouldn't choose an HBCU now.... but at a certain time in history... they were necessary and played a tremendous role on Black History and Black advancement. BET is atrocious now....but at one time, it was a good idea and it was a decent network. The Black Church today (in too many cases) has turned into a lucrative "business" model and has let down those that it serves... but at one time the Black Church was an essential part of Black survival. The idea of being without it was unimaginable during certain points in the history of this Country. The NAACP was once a grand organization, and a much needed one.... now it's a relic. These things all had their time.

Although minority owned media is a good idea overall... I am leery of such businesses because they often present a one dimensional image of what Blacks/minorities and their lives are all about. That annoys the Hell out of me.