Friday, July 11, 2008

Dear Senator Obama, watch out for snakes.

Dear Senator Obama,

Just in case you didn't know, there are a lot of snakes in the grass. Maybe you need some reminding.

I'll begin the list of snakes that are to be trusted at your peril. These are folks that mean you harm, and don't wish you well.

I won't get them all. I'm sure that Mirror On America posters will be able to add to it.

The Mirror-On-America-Snakes-Can't-Be-Trusted List:

1. Bill and Hillary Clinton - they aren't your friends. They haven't even moved into detente with you. Assume at all times that they are NEVER to be trusted, and are working behind the scenes at every moment to undermine you. Period.
2. Anyone who worked for Hillary Clinton - yes, I know you hired some of those folks. Do it at your peril. Trust them at your folly. But, when they sell you out, don't say you weren't warned.
3. Anyone who was in Camp Clinton that works at Fox Noise - whatever commentary they would say isn't worth spit, and you best believe it's not going to be for your benefit.
4. Harold Ford, Jr. - The Dark Sith loathes you. And, I can count on one hand the number of times he's been complimentary towards you during this campaign season. Don't ever turn your back on him, and don't remotely believe he's a surrogate FOR you.
5. Joan Walsh - Anyone who runs a site that actually CALLED you 'UPPITY' - that just about says it all.
6. All the feministas for Hillary who were yelling sexism 24/7 for the last month on any television show they could know the bunch I'm talking about. They've been awfully silent about the attacks on, only 'some' women are worth defending to them.
7. The old Civil Rights Establishment - pick and choose. You don't know what's going to happen with this group.
8. The Half of the Congessional Black Caucus that supported Hillpatine - STAY AWAY from those Negroes. Don't even return their phone calls.
9. Shelby Steele - this could be for most of the Black Conservatives, but Steele deserves special notice. He's lost his mind during this campaign, turning his back on his writings of the past 15 years because of you.

Now, I'm opening it up to Mirror On America....tell me of the snakes you see out there.


Truthiz said...

All of his OTHER “enemies” notwithstanding, IMO, Barack biggest “enemy” may be HIMSELF!

From what I’ve observed, he's shown pretty much NOTHING but “timid” and inadequate” actions on _well, you name it_since wrapping up the nomination back in March or April, when “the math” put the nomination out of reach for Clinton, despite her insistence on draaaging out the process.

I don’t know if he’s “cocky” and the truth is, I can’t say that I’d care if he is. The man comes across as incredibly LAZY to me!

Every time John McBush points out a policy difference, Barack responds (usually in front of pack arena):

“That’s a debate I’m willing to have anytime and anywhere with John McCain.”

Uh-huh. _so WHY do I not hear ANY substantive debate_on ANYTHING?! And I’m not even talking about a “formal” debate in a forum or Townhall.

Barack loves making speeches filled with all kinds of over the top and VAGUE rhetoric… “together we’ll remake the world”_ “together we’ll remake the economy.” “We’re going to improve this” …“We’re going to improve that.”

Okay. HOW?! I mean, what’s the plan EXACTLY? HOW will it be implemented AND paid for?_and be specific!

Barack's got my vote. But at this point, I'll be doing so because he seems like a decent guy who won’t to take Us into another war W/O Justifiable cause and AFTER all other alternatives have been exhausted.

The thought of letting a 71 y/o Vietnam Vet-POW, who still thinks we’re fighting THAT war_(and, btw, would like to start another with IRAN)_get ANYWHERE near the White House as President is just too frightening to even imagine!

Truthiz said...

Point of clarification:

When I stated that Barack comes across as “incredibly LAZY”_that’s specific ONLY to his run for the Presidency _and NO other aspect of his life!

The man deserves MAJOR props for all that he has achieved!