Monday, July 14, 2008

Anheuser Busch Deal Complete - The Slow Death of America Continues

AB's official time of death was about 8pm Central time, July 13th.

The slow death watch for St. Louis has now begun. Job cuts are already in the works. philanthropic activity? There will be none. The company's heritage (and part of the city's heritage) also died with the deal. All non-core business related activities will eventually be eliminated.

St. Louis will be the north American hub for the new Inbev company (for now). That will likely change once all the paperwork is final.... much of the operation will probably be moved overseas (where labor laws are in Inbev's favor). So St. Louis is due for multiple rounds of job losses related to this deal over the next couple of years. Inbev has a reputation for being a ruthless corporation, known for relentlessly slashing tons of jobs after mergers, paying lower wages, being anti-labor and treating workers poorly.

I'm just waiting to see if anyone goes postal. Hope not....


What it means for St. Louis. $1.5 Billion in cuts already planned. (See Video Section of the ktvi news page.)

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Deedlelee said...

I read (or heard) today that this buyout was possible due to the weak dollar. Thoughts?

Truthiz said...

@Deedlelee-I heard the same reported in the news today.

IF I were a bettin person, I'd bet a dollar that "THE" dollar will continue to decline in value.

But I don't bet _and a dollar ain't worth a dollar anymore.