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From NPR

"The city of Atlanta is making hip-hop a central part of its public identity. Officials say they see the music as a way of presenting a modern look and getting past images of the Old South."

Listen to the silly white PR official as she describes what's "great" about Hip Hop. My question is- what kind of Hip Hop are you talking about? It appears they are talking about mainstream Hip Hop- the Hip Hop that gets 90% of the major media coverage.

I personally can't stand most of the garbage that comes out of the "Hip Hop community" and I don't patronize anything related to it. If it's not Chuck D. or something from that vein... trying to uplift, inform, and fire up young folks, then to hell with it.

What are those fools in Atlanta thinking? I am seeing more and more cities, public officials, and even civil rights organizations supporting this garbage which is the tool for so much unmitigated degradation of black folks. How f___ing ironic is that? Blacks celebrating their own degradation.

We have seen it in Detroit, St. Louis (my hometown), Memphis, Baltimore, and a whole host of other so called "Chocolate Cities". It should be no surprise that many of these cities go down hill quick under these corrupt, inept black led governments. We have also seen this with groups such as the NAACP, NOI (a joke of a group anyway) and other entities. It's disgusting! Even the King family supports it. This is why I recognize no Black organization or Black leader as a representative or spokesperson for me, and hopefully I never will. Luckily we don't need these played out leaders and organizations least not like we used to. Their work is no longer effective. This effort to reach the younger generation through rap is an indication of how desperate they are to stay relevent, so that they can stay in the spotlight and keep making money. The crap that they are promoting is the nonsense that is poisoning the so called "Black Community". The PR person from this NPR report has no clue!

There will be those Blacks (ignorant Blacks) who will say this is a great idea and a great way for the Black elite and Black politicians to connect with the young folks. BULLSHIT! Is my response.
If they want to connect with young folks, there are many other ways for them to do that... Let's see... how about step aside and allow young leaders to emerge? That's for starters. But there are also other things such as establishing informative, educational news and entertainment networks to uplift young folks.. obviously i'm not talking about that disgraceful network called BET. Massive job training programs could be started in every "Chocolate City" and major city in the teach young folks trades, and give them skills they need to make it in this cut throat society, News and Public television stations in every major city that would be run by the young folks in the community and sponsored by city governments, give young folks a voice in local and State government by giving them seats on alderman boards and State legislatures (if for no other reason than to let them speak), help groom the next generation of young leaders, establish & maintain better public schools, provide free community college (or very low cost) for everybody, provide an alternative to the poisonous "bling bling" T.V. and radio media, have more open houses for young folks so that they can see how the wheels of government turn, create more alternatives to the criminal justice system..... there are so many other things that I could think of...but you get the point. THAT is connecting with young folks.

Now I know for sure that I wouldn't want to move to that crappy city... Unfortunately both of my sisters have moved there.

Listen to report from NPR. Click audio tab.

Report taken from today's Ed Gordon program.

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Anonymous said...

Currently serving in my 30th year of service with a very large metropolitan police department in the grand old south I would say your overview of black culture is symptomatic of why it is imploding. Black America, in general, has lost any sense of morality, its men have abandoned their responsibilities in the home, their women have been forced to assume a masculine role of provider/protector; the “great society” mentality has resulted in a black mindset of “I’m a victim;” therefore, why try…let me suck the government tit for sustenance e.g. welfare/affirmative action/hiring quotas; the prisons are running over with criminalized young black degenerate gangsters who are void any direction, self-respect, motivation, education, and are essentially participating in a cultural ideology of death, hedonism, narcissism and destructive arrogance . The young black male disrespects his parents; societal authority; God; his own body….he lacks any sense of dignity and, by his criminalistic behavior, lends credence to the age old theory of a criminal gene. Seven out of ten black households are fatherless and those homes with multiple black children have multiple fathers who completely neglect their responsibilities to those children. The black culture comprises approximately fourteen to sixteen percent of the American population yet they comprise forty to sixty percent of the American prison population. The black culture is definitely in a state of self-destruction and is, and will continue to be, a tremendous burden on American society as a whole. Should I complete a racial profile form after having written this article?