Monday, April 24, 2006

Nepal Showing World What Real Democracy Looks Like

The U.S. and the World Should Look At Nepal to See What Democracy Actually Looks Like.

Nepal is a perfect example of Democracy in action. The U.S. especially should take note. You cannot bomb a country into Democracy. Democracy CANNOT come artificially, contrary to what the U.S. wants the world to believe. Democracy cannot be imported and force fed to a population by outsiders.

Democracy must come about through a natural genuine process of grassroots action. The people who actually live in a particular country must be the source of the Democracy. "Democracy" IS the people. The people of a particular country must be the ones who fight, bleed, and die for their own freedom. U.S. soldiers cannot and should not be sacrificed for this purpose...especially not for this purpose alone. This is an important point because current U.S. foreign policy doctrine (used by the Republicrats) basically involves the U.S. reshaping the whole world in its own image and for its own benefit, and this includes engaging in regime change when deemed necessary as a means to that end.

Democracy comes about from internal actions... these are, for the most part, internal matters that no outsiders can or should influence or determine. The U.S. should have learned this lesson after Vietnam, but unfortunately the country learned nothing from Vietnam except more war and that we should have killed more Vietnamese men, women and children. This is a country that has a long history of not learning from its past. This will be to the detriment of Americans from the present generations as well as generations to come.

Follow story on the protests in Nepal. Another article from the BBC.

The King there has been forced to back down and give up his status as absolute ruler. He is being opposed by a 7 party coalition... I SAID 7 PARTY COALITION. I can only look at that situation with envy since we only have one party in the U.S. party with 2 faces... otherwise known as the Republicrat party.

Even Iraqi's have more choice with literally dozens of political parties who compete on the national level.

U.S. "Democracy" is a complete joke!

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