Monday, June 24, 2013

Brian, where's your twitter feed?

I don't see it on the side anymore. As someone not on twitter, that's how I used to follow it.


Brian said...

Sorry... I will see if I can fix it. Haven't been on/don't check like I used to (looking for a new Apt, working more hours, looking for a new job, too much going on... etc... but I will check. Site providing the feed is probably down. I may have to find another one.

Thanks for letting me know. (my e-mail is also not working... if you tried to send me anything recently to the e-mail that I have listed... there's no way I can see it. Have been locked out of the Yahoo account for a couple of months. I will be changing that also.).

Brian said...

We need to get you on Twitter. No need to fight it. Resistance is futile. lol

You have 3Chicks Politico.... and J&J politics going on. You are an opinion writer.... folks want to be able to see your input on various issues too.

Let me know when you get that done. :)