Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Hung In Effigy Once Again - Not a Word From GOP

Racist Conservative Pastor Terry Jones took it upon himself to hang Obama in effigy on his church's front lawn a couple of weeks ago. I won't post the disgusting photo directly. Just follow the link.

What I found interesting is that Romney and the GOP seemed to do little to distance themselves from Jones. The same was the case during the protests against the Mosque on Manhattan a couple of years ago. In an effort to appeal to radical Republicans, Romney will often avoid denouncing these kinds of acts. The same radical right that was once the fringe has now found its way into the base of the Republican party. As a result the GOP has gone farther to the right.

If something like this happened on the left Republicans, with the help of media, would corner Obama and force him to denounce it and denounce those who support it. It's odd to me that Romney has no such burden.

And when will the Country stop with this nonsensical notion that Obama's race has nothing to do with anything? All these effigy hangings, racial symbols, racial jokes, and other incidents are just my imagination running wild then? So I should believe that all of this would be taking place if the man in the White House were caucasian? 

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Grung_e_Gene said...

It's already happened. Joe Williams from Politco is the latest scalp the right-wing media is hinting for in their effort to attack anything they feel is assoiciated with President Obama.