Thursday, June 28, 2012

CNN, Fox Flub Supreme Court Ruling on ACA

I expect something like this from Faux News.... a complete imitation of a legitimate news organization. But CNN? I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. Of course all the networks and their pundits assumed that the Affordable Care Act would go down in flames. They had their stories pre-made and ready to go before the ruling... and they went with what they had before reading the decision. The media had bought into the negative punditry so much that it was almost as if the networks wanted to see a ruling against the ACA. I guess this proves that Obama is the darling of the media. Oh wait....


rikyrah said...

With this accomplishment, POTUS has done something no President
since Theodore Roosevelt has been able to do: start us on the road to universal

It’s been absolutely stunning to watch the snippets that I
can from work: these mofos really didn’t prepare for the possibility of it
being upheld. And they’re madder than a mutha.

Took away their meme. Took away what they thought they were
going to use to beat over the President and prop up Willard with. They ain’t
got shyt to say, and have no way of helping out Willard, who looked like an
absolute fool standing in front of the Capitol.

Now, the President has the wind at his back; the
CONSTITUTIONALITY question has been settled; he can run on Obamacare, bringing
up everyday, who is helped by it. Now, it’s time for every other Democrat to

Brian E. said...

I agree... I would either rebrand "Obamacare" to "Obama Cares" as one of the JJP readers mentioned... or drop it altogether...and just run on the provisions. People hate "Obamacare" because of superior branding strategy by Repubs... but they love the ACA provisions (go figure). This is an opportunity for Obama & co. to remind the public about the popular provisions... and how those provisions benefit average voters. Most are common sense populist measures...and it would make the GOP look horrible being in opposition.

Take the top 5 or 6 provisions and run on them hard.

And yes.. it has been fun watching the GOP in total confusion this past week. They are usually well disciplined and they stay on message... like a well trained army of GOP bots. So this week has been hilarious.

Interesting learning how Roberts switched.... but I was thinking about Taxing power all along. I couldn't understand why the Solicitor Gen. didn't make that argument more forcefully (maybe he was scared to mention the word "tax"). But it was clear from the questioning that Roberts was leaning that way early on. He was at least flirting with it. Roberts was even trying to help Verrilli at one point (which I found interesting). So it probably took a little persuading for the change.

Something not mentioned in the reports so far is which one of the Progressives influenced Roberts. I wonder who the real hero was on this (it wasn't Roberts IMO because he was ready to dump the legislation. He expended a ton of time and legal thought on killing the law). One of those Progressive justices took him to task...debated him...and won. I don't think Roberts switched because of some nonsense about wanting to maintain the legitimacy of the court. This is a fairy tale... made up by pundits. How they totally missed the tax argument, i'll never understand.

I wouldn't be surprised if the name Sotomayor pops up in the next few weeks as one of the real heroes in the ACA fight.