Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Romney Is Hoping to Lie His Way Into The White House

It is obvious that the plan for Team Romney this year will be to lie, and lie often, hoping that if they do it often enough... the lies will stick. Old Willard now claims that he should be the one credited with saving the auto industry. He suggests that Obama stole his ideas on how to help save those jobs. I couldn't believe what I was hearing when I caught this story last week. But apparently this is what he is telling voters on the campaign trail.

I had to ask myself, "is this real life"? I had to make sure that I was awake and was not having one of my crazy dreams. I knew Willard was shifty and would say & do anything to get elected, but his attempt to play 'Etch a Sketch' on the auto industry rescue is just too much. This lie is so ridiculous that GM executives, and even a Republican task master familiar with the auto rescue, believe Willard is completely full of Bull for even attempting to 'Etch a Sketch' this issue.

Clearly the Romney camp is counting on voters not being informed and engaged. He doesn't need all of them to believe the lie...just a few voters in the middle who reside in States like Ohio and Michigan. Unfortunately there are thousands of voters who are undecided and who are willing to subject themselves to this nonsense. There are even a few who would fall for this fairy tale - largely a failure on the part of Democrats to educate and inform voters. Romney and Co. will exploit that Democratic Party weakness (weakness of Obama's PR/Strategy team) every chance they get. Hear Willard take credit for the auto rescue.

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rikyrah said...

this is why I try to post Steve Benen's column of WILLARD'S LIES.

it's utterly ridiculous, but you are correct.