Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Reason Why Bain is important.

Willard Romney says that the reason he is qualified to be President of the United States is because he knows how to take care of the economy and President Obama doesn't.

He's not saying that he had executive experience because he was the Governor of Massachusetts - something that he has completely run away from. Look at Willard's campaign - it's like his time as the Governor of Massachusetts just doesn't exist.

He's not running on foreign policy experience - remember the articles from last week about him 'forming a foreign policy after the election'.

No. He's staked his claim on why he should be President because he's a rich White man, and the crux of that is Bain Capital.

I'm fine if he wants folks to judge him on his time at Bain Capital.


Let us discuss the American workers that were given the shaft by Willard and Bain.

Let us discuss the fundamentals of how Bain made money. They weren't about making jobs. They were about making money.

But, they don't want to discuss that. They don't want to talk about:
1. the jobs he shipped overseas 2. the companies he bankrupted 3. the people whose economic lives he ruined.

They wanna bullshyt and call that the President's attempt at 'character assassination'.

Just once I wish someone from the Obama campaign to retort - you'd actually have to HAVE CHARACTER in order for it to be assassinated, but I know they can't.

It's not character assassination to break it down to the American people that Willard and Bain didn't give a rat's ass about 'creating jobs'. They were all about ' making money'. And, they rigged the game, so, whether the company succeeded OR FAILED - Bain made money.

The whole 99% vs. 1% isn't about the 99% being 'envious'. They just know unfair bullshyt when they see it.

People understand - if a company is doing successful, then yes, people should make money.
But, it's hard to explain, in anything other than 1% ridiculousness, how, if you run a company INTO BANKRUPTCY, how your ass should walk away with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

And, that is EXACTLY what Willard and Bain did - time after time.

Time after time, bankrupting companies, walking away from the pension and medical benefit obligations of employees and retirees, while making MILLIONS for themselves.
On top of that, not only walking away from those worker and retiree obligations, but putting the AMERICAN TAXPAYER on the hook for them.

All while Willard - AND BAIN - walked away with MILLIONS.

THIS is why Bain is fair game.
Willard has said he should be President because of his ' business experience'. Therefore, every inch of what was done at Bain is part of what the American People have a RIGHT TO KNOW.

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