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You Really Can't Invent Villians Like This -Gov. Christie Thinks A Family Making $6,000 A Year Is Too Rich To Qualify For Medicaid

Yes, you read right.

Governor Krispy Kreme believes that a family making SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS is too rich to qualify for Medicaid.

From ThinkProgress:

Gov. Christie Thinks A Family Making $6,000 A Year Is Too Rich To Qualify For Medicaid
By Marie Diamond on Jun 2, 2011 at 10:00 am

Despite recent polls that show Americans are just as protective of Medicaid as they are of Medicare, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is trying to gut the popular program in his state and prevent 23,000 people from receiving benefits. Christie has proposed cutting Medicaid eligibility to absurdly low levels: from the current maximum income of $24,645 to $5,317 a year for a family of three. Apparently, the governor believes a family of three making $6,000 a year is simply too rich to receive Medicaid.

The New Jersey press has reported that the main effect of his proposal would be to slash help for the working poor, tearing a huge hole in the state’s social safety net:

Adults in a family of three that makes as little as $103 a week would earn too much to qualify for health care provided by Medicaid under a sharply curtailed program Gov. Chris Christie wants the federal government to approve this year, according to state officials and advocates briefed on the proposal.[...]

The Christie administration is expected to propose cutting the maximum income level of Medicaid from $24,645 to $5,317 a year for a family of three [...]

“That is about a third of the poverty level,” Castro said. “That means that an uninsured parent working full time at a minimum-wage job wouldn’t be eligible. … A parent who works half-time for minimum wage wouldn’t even qualify.

“Unfortunately, the only way these parents can become eligible for health coverage in the future is if the parent applies for and is eligible for welfare,” Castro added. “That sends the wrong message.”

Now, in case you didn't know, this Governor, yesterday, TOOK A STATE HELICOPTER TO A BALLGAME FOR HIS SON.

Had absolutely NOTHING to do with state business.

Not only that, but his fat ass had a CAR WAITING FOR HIM TO DRIVE HIM A FRIGGING 100 YARDS when he got there.

That's right. His behind couldn't walk a mere 100 yards to a seat. The car, of course, was on, the state's dime.

Here's one of the many segments done on his ' trip' yesterday.

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And, the response from the Governor when asked about REIMBURSING THE STATE , here is his response:

Facing broad criticism for flying by helicopter to watch his son’s high school baseball game in Bergen County, Gov. Chris Christie refused today to refund the state for Tuesday’s $2,500-an-hour flight.

"The governor does not reimburse for security and travel," a spokesman for the governor, Kevin Roberts, said in an e-mail message. "The use of air travel has been extremely limited and appropriate."

That's right. This had absolutely nothing to do with state business; had no state business in the area to even try and fake it, but he's not going to reimburse the state back for the money it cost him to ' drop in' on his child's game.


They are who we thought they were.

Plain and simple.

And he can go burn in hell like the rest of his GOP Governor cohorts.

UPDATE: Late afternoon, the Governor changed his mind::

NJ Gov. Christie, GOP reimburse state for 2 helicopter trips to son’s ball games
Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2011 by GottaLaff

This just came in via an email alert, regarding this story:

AP (AP) NJ Gov. Christie, GOP reimburse state for 2 helicopter trips to son’s ball games

Guess he saw his poll numbers and got a whiff of shame, embarrassment, and oh yeah, future lose-itude. He’s quick, that Chris Christie.

Guess he wasn't all big and bad after all.

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