Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Why everyone should think of always having a video camera on them

from The Reid Report:

NEW Video: witness to Miami Beach police shooting confronted by police
June 6, 2011 · Posted in Florida, News and Current Affairs, Scandals

This was just sent to me via Twitter. It was taken by someone nicknamed Collins335 on Youtube. It shows video from the point of view of a man who apparently witnessed the deadline “urban beach week” shooting of a man in South Beach by police. Watch as at the end of the video, police approach the spectator with guns drawn:

It’s not clear if this is the video referred to by the Miami Herald in a story this weekend. You can read that story here. You can hear audio of a woman on the video, who was in the car with the witness.

Meanwhile, the Herald reports that the man who held a Miami Beach rally calling for an end to urban beach week says he has lost his job as a result of his creation of an “End Urban Beach Week” Facebook page. The shooting has also begun to impact the Miami Beach mayor’s race.


mysterium_99 said...

What good did a video camera do Rodney King in the state trial?!

The Angry Independent said...

The shooting incident itself doesn't appear to be a clear cut case of police brutality. I would even say that it doesn't fall into that category at all. The background of the case is this:

What the video picks up is the end of a police chase which started in Hialeah, a jurisdiction some distance away from Miami Beach. During the traffic stop the suspect, Raymond Herisse, attempted to run down two officers with his vehicle, and struck several cars. There were also reports that Herisse had a weapon. When officers saw suspicious movement inside of the vehicle at the end of the chase, they decided to use deadly force... which (although circumstances are still questionable) is allowed in the above case. "Questionable" because of the size of the crowds... apparently a number of bystanders were struck by police bullets. In crowded and confined areas... officers should exercise more restraint......but it is hard to second guess officers in that situation...at that moment.

It should also be noted that a weapon was found in Raymond Herisse'svehicle.
In addition to that... the suspect had an extensive criminal history and was a suspect in at least one other violent crime.

There was also a second separate shooting that evening...just after the first incident - brought on by the thugs flooding the area for the Urban Beach Week stupidity. That suspect was arrested and charged.

It should also be mentioned that the Miami metro just saw two officers killed a few months ago... so it doesn't surprise me that law enforcement would have little tolerance for foolishness.

Things like Urban Beach Week (which folks in Miami Beach would love to cancel/block if they could) are a menace... and can stress officers (and communities) quite a bit. St. Louis is dealing with something similar right now... but on a local scale.

This is no Rodney King situation. Have stated a million times.. this card is played far too often. Every case isn't the same.

Regarding what the officers did about the video taping... that is another story. That involves bad leadership at the top, lack of policies/guidance/training... corruption, misconduct, etc. But it does not appear to be a Rodney King type of case.

The problem with youtube videos... especially partial videos, is that they don't always tell the whole story or provide enough information.