Friday, April 08, 2011

If You Are a Woman or Love a Woman, It's Past Time to Stand Up Against the Assault on Planned Parenthood

The GOP has decided to attack Planned Parenthood, by absolutely LYING about the services given by Planned Parenthood.

HERE is a chart, outlining what Planned Parenthood does in this country. THIS is what they do.

Look at the graphic. Abortion services are WHAT PERCENT of what Planned Parenthood does?



So then, what about the other 97% of the services that they do.

Planned Parenthood is an invaluable resource for Women's Health in this country. For women who are uninsured, they provide a help to women who want to get medical screenings for women's health issues, including the different types of cancer that target women specifically.

I have been getting angry, reading clown upon clown, especially those Black Republican Clowns, who have praised the GOP's attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

You are the party that doesn't give a rat's ass about getting healthcare for the uninsured of this country. The party of the only solution they have if you get sick and are uninsured is- 'Go to the Emergency Room'.

Yet, Planned Parenthood is there for these women.

Can you imagine what it's like to believe something's wrong with your breast and be uninsured in this country?

Planned Parenthood gives those women a place to go where they can get professional care with people who will take care of them and give them the answers that they need.

The GOP needs to get out of my body and my womb. These are fanatics who want control over women's bodies, and who not only object to abortion, but also object to the contraception aspect of Plannet Parenthood, because, heaven forbid, women would actually get to DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES if or when they wanted to have children. Don't believe a little research. Yes, these misogynistic clowns are against birth control TOO.

In conclusion, I thought you needed to hear from someone who uses Planned Parenthood regularly and what it has meant to her life.

In this video, Lawrence O'Donnell then reads an email from a friend of his, who is poor, and who is also dependent on the affordable Services provided by Planned Parenthood, for among other things to keep her Cancer-free.

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Bruce Schmiechen said...

This was an important line in the sand, but overall the Dems were just weak in articulating their alternative to the GOP's austerity mania. This morning on ABC's This Week two mainstream reporters did a better job of articulating a coherent liberal message in the context of the budget wars than either David Plouffe or Donna Brazile. Worrisome. My transcript: