Friday, April 29, 2011

How the Republicans have been received 'back home' after their vote for Paul Ryan's VOUCHERCARE

MOA is trying to keep you informed about what's happening out there with VOUCHERCARE. That's why I am posting as many videos as I can about it. We have to spread the word. YOU have to spread the word to everyone you know about VOUCHERCARE.

How is it going back home for the GOP in their Townhalls since their vote for Paul Ryan's VOUCHERCARE?

Well, here are some videos.

Beginning with Paul Ryan himself.

From Politico:

Record crowds of supporters and opponents flooded town hall meetings throughout southeastern Wisconsin on Tuesday to hear Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) defend his plan to trim government spending — including controversial changes to the Medicare program.

In the district’s Democratic stronghold of Kenosha, at least 200 people were left outside once the 300-seat auditorium filled to capacity. The people in the crowd largely opposed the Ryan plan, holding signs such as “RyanCare = Dying Bare,” “Leave Medicare Alone” or simply, “Save Medicare!”

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Ed Schultz also has a segment about the townhalls, and how the GOP believes it just has a ' messaging' problem.

It's not a 'COUPON' or a 'VOUCHER'...oh no, according to the GOP, it's ' VOUCHER SUPPORT', and it's going to help our Seniors.


It's VOUCHERCARE, people.

To quote the GOP -----how they will ' fail' if the campaign discussion is about MEDICARE....but, if they can ' muddy the waters' with lies, then they can compete.

Look at the folks in these townhalls.....the GOP nightmare.

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Here's Congressman Dan Webster's Townhall in Florida:

Ed Schultz says - A Choice of Two Futures

Schultz does a great breakdown of what VOUCHERCARE is all about.

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Another one from Rachel Maddow. She expresses surprise that the story of the townhalls is getting press in the MSM.

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Bruce Schmiechen said...

One astonishing thing about this "plan" is that it actually INCREASES health care costs by $34 Trillion over the Congressional Budget Office's projection window - something close to a half trillion a year on average, assuming most seniors could afford to get coverage equivalent to Medicare in private markets. So if they tell you it won't cost that much in additional health care spending, it's simply because people won't be able to afford insurance that actually covers costs - which of course drives the price of the care they get back onto taxpayers. This plan isn't just cruel, it's crazy - unless your sole motive is to shill for the economic elites who, as ever, stand to make a bundle frp, ot.